Inequalities for the Smallest Zeros of Laguerre Polynomials and their $q$-analogues  
  Authors: Dharma P. Gupta, Martin E. Muldoon,  
  Keywords: Laguerre polynomials, Zeros, q-Laguerre polynomials, Inequalities.  
  Date Received: 03/08/06  
  Date Accepted: 28/02/07  
  Subject Codes:

33C45, 33D45.

  Editors: Doru Stefanescu,  

We present bounds and approximations for the smallest positive zero of the Laguerre polynomial $ L_n^{($ alpha)}(x)$ which are sharp as $ $ alpha $ to -1^+$ . We indicate the applicability of the results to more general functions including the $ q$-Laguerre polynomials. ;

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