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  Volume 5, Issue 1, Article 13
The Method of Lower and Upper Solutions for Some Fourth-Order Equations

    Authors: Zhanbing Bai, Weigao Ge, Yifu Wang,  
    Keywords: Maximum principle; Lower and upper solutions; Fourth-order equation.  
    Date Received: 17/09/03  
    Date Accepted: 23/01/04  
    Subject Codes:

34B15, 34B10

    Editors: A. M. Fink,  

In this paper, by combining a new maximum principle of fourth-order equations with the theory of eigenline problems, we develop a monotone method in the presence of lower and upper solutions for some fourth-order ordinary differential equation boundary value problem. Our results indicate there is a relation between the existence of solutions of nonlinear fourth-order equation and the first eigenline of linear fourth-order equation.

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