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Volume 2 (2007), No. 2

Special issue dedicated to the memory of

Saunders Mac Lane

Editors Michael Barr, Ronald Brown and George Janelidze

Guest Editor Peter Freyd

Table of Contents

1. Mac Lane's Influence on His Students

W. Howard, 3-5

2. An Undergraduate's Memory of Saunders Mac Lane

W. Komornicki, 7-10

3. Memorial Talk

J.P. May, 11-12

4. A Logic of Injectivity

J. Adamek, M. Hebert and L. Sousa, 13-47

5. Normalisation for the fundamental crossed complex of a simplicial set

R. Brown and R. Sivera, 49-79

6. Diagonal fibrations are pointwise fibrations

A.M. Cegarra and J. Remedios, 81-92

7. Reparametrizations of Continuous Paths

U. Fahrenberg and M. Raussen, 93-117

8. Pseudo Algebras and Pseudo Double Categories

T. M. Fiore, 119-170

9. Categories, norms and weights

M. Grandis, 171-186

10. Third Mac Lane cohomology via categorical rings

M. Jibladze and T. Pirashvili, 187-216

11. Note on commutativity in double semigroups and two-fold monoidal categories

J. Kock, 217-228

12. Homotopy-theoretic aspects of 2-monads

S. Lack, 229-260

13. Mackey functors on compact closed categories

E. Panchadcharam and R. Street, 261-293

14. Factorization, Fibration and Torsion

J. Rosicky and W. Tholen, 295-314

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