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These pages are not updated anymore. They reflect the state of 6 June 2010. For the current production of this journal, please refer to http://www.springer.com/mathematics/geometry/journal/40062.

Relative homological categories

Relative homological categories

Tamar Janelidze

We introduce relative homological and weakly homological categories $(\mathbf{C},\mathbf{E})$, where ``relative'' refers to a distinguished class $\mathbf{E}$ of normal epimorphisms in $\mathbf{C}$. It is a generalization of homological categories, but also protomodular categories can be regarded as examples. We indicate that the relative versions of various homological lemmas can be proved in a relative homological category.

Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures, Vol. 1(2006), No. 1, pp. 185-194