Journal for Geometry and Graphics, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 193-202 (2001)

Development of Software to Record Solving Process of a Mental Rotations Test

Kumiko Shiina, Dennis R. Short, Craig L. Miller, Kenjiro Suzuki

Research Division, The National Center for University Entrance
Examinations, Tokyo, 153-8501, Japan

Abstract: To collect data on the solving process for the Mental Rotations Test for large numbers of subjects, software was developed that restricts the appearance of alternatives. This software made it possible to record information corresponding to eye fixation data. This data was useful in analyzing the problem-solving process. A pilot study using the software was controlled in a computer network environment. The solving process data of each subject was collected via the network and analyzed. The time spent to judge each correct alternative was extracted from the time sequence data of each subject. Parameters were calculated from the extracted time. Its distribution corresponded to the variation of solving strategies observed in previous research in which eye fixation data and verbal protocol data were used. This approach presents the possibility of being able to use software to identify the source of the performance difficulties for subjects.

Keywords: spatial ability, solving process, solving strategy

Classification (MSC2000): 51N05

Full text of the article will be available in mid of 2003.

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