Journal for Geometry and Graphics, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 55 - 63 (1998)

Basic Education of CAD/CAM Through Multimedia and Network Aid

Tsutomu Araki

Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Tsukuba College of Technology,
Amakubo 4-3-15, Tsukuba, Japan,

Abstract: In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsukuba College of Technology, multimedia is used for presentation using computers as visually interactive intelligent teaching methods for hearing-impaired persons. In another multimedia method, the system is developed and used in education by visual sensing and bodily sensing for teaching materials suitable for hearing-impaired persons. In order to carry out the guidance on the education of "Machine Design and Drawing" and "CAD/CAM" for them smoothly and so as to be easily understandable, various devices have been made. At the same time, when used with a multimedia network system, the communication method is expanded in education, to broaden students' social horizon, and their desire to improve themselves. Furthermore collaborations with a sister school in the US and other schools in Japan by utilizing a network also creates opportunities. Sending and receiving CAD and multimedia data with visual communication on the computer screen via the internet is useful for the basic CAD/CAM education. The development and the study of a visually interactive education system, with the multimedia and teaching materials suitable for hearing-impaired students by using networks, and the results of the practice on education, are reported on.

Keywords: Basic Education of CAD/CAM, Multimedia, Network, Hearing-impaired persons

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