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Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 109-123 (1995)

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An alternative model of the general relativity theory

V.G. Boltyanski

Steklov Mathematical Institute
of Russian Academy of Sciences
Vavilov-str. 42, Moscow 117966
Centro de Investigationes
en Mathematicas, A.P. 402
36000 Guanajuato, GTO

Abstract: We establish $\, $in the offered paper $\, $that a$\, $ 'displacement postulate' for the light sphere $\, $allows to obtain a metric in four--dimensional $\; $space--time$\; $ from $\; $which $\, $the $\; $well--known Schwarzschild's metric may be simply deduced (by passing to the $\, $locational time).$\; $ Probably,$\; $ displacement postulate is a description of a profound mechanism of an interaction between the particles and the gravitational field.

Keywords: Mathematical model of gravitation, Schwarzschild's metric, general relativity theory, superlight particles, tackions, aura, telepathy, telekinesis

Classification (MSC2000): 51P05, 53C22, 83C05, 83D05

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