Formatting your paper for INTEGERS: LaTeX

Important:  Please include any and all line skips
that are given below.

I. Please use the following declarations in your LaTeX file.

\textwidth= 6.25in
\textheight= 9.0in
\topmargin = -10pt

II. For the title page (title, authors, and abstract) please use the following construct.


\vskip 20pt
{\bf Author One\footnote{any footnote here}}\\
{\smallit Department of Mathematics, One University, Somewhere, State 00000, Country}\\
{\tt}\\ (optional)
\vskip 10pt
{\bf Author Two\footnote{any footnote here}}\\
{\smallit Department of Mathematics, University of Two, Anywhere AAAAA, Country}\\
{\tt}\\ (optional)
\vskip 30pt
\centerline{\smallit Received: , Accepted: , Published: }
\vskip 30pt

\centerline{\bf Abstract}

Put your abstract here. Please limit it to half of a page of text.

\markright{\smalltt INTEGERS: \smallrm ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF COMBINATORIAL NUMBER THEORY \smalltt x (200x), \#Axx\hfill}

\vskip 30pt

Your paper starts here with your first section. See III below for more information on how to number sections.

III. In the body of the paper, please follow A, B, and C below.

A. Label and number your (sub)sections as follows.

"\section*{\normalsize N. Section Name}", where N=1,2,... corresponds to the section number.


"\subsection*{\normalsize N.x Subsection Name}", where N=1,2,3,... and x=1,2,3,... correspond to the subsection number.

B. After the end of each section and before the beginning of the next section please put the line:

\vskip 30pt

C. Please label your Definitions, Lemmas, Theorems, etc. in the format "{\bf Theorem x}" where x is how you see fit. Further, denote the start of your proofs by {\it Proof.}

IV. The references and acknowledgments sections of the paper should not be numbered sections. Hence, you should use "\section*{\normalsize References}" and/or "\section*{\normalsize Acknowledgments}." Feel free to label your references as you see fit.