Mathematical Problems in Engineering
Volume 2009 (2009), Article ID 603916, 19 pages
Research Article

Approximate Analysis of MHD Squeeze Flow between Two Parallel Disks with Suction or Injection by Homotopy Perturbation Method

1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Babol University of Technology, P.O. Box 484, Babol, Iran
2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering & Applied Science, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA 99268, USA

Received 26 January 2009; Accepted 24 March 2009

Academic Editor: Ji Huan He

Copyright © 2009 G. Domairry and A. Aziz. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


An analysis has been performed to study magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) squeeze flow between two parallel infinite disks where one disk is impermeable and the other is porous with either suction or injection of the fluid. We investigate the combined effect of inertia, electromagnetic forces, and suction or injection. With the introduction of a similarity transformation, the continuity and momentum equations governing the squeeze flow are reduced to a single, nonlinear, ordinary differential equation. An approximate solution of the equation subject to the appropriate boundary conditions is derived using the homotopy perturbation method (HPM) and compared with the direct numerical solution (NS). Results showing the effect of squeeze Reynolds number, Hartmann number and the suction/injection parameter on the axial and radial velocity distributions are presented and discussed. The approximate solution is found to be highly accurate for the ranges of parameters investigated. Because of its simplicity, versatility and high accuracy, the method can be applied to study linear and nonlinear boundary value problems arising in other engineering applications.