International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
Volume 2010 (2010), Article ID 458563, 6 pages
Research Article

The 3 𝑥 + 1 Problem as a String Rewriting System

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Received 11 May 2010; Accepted 31 December 2010

Academic Editor: Kenneth Berenhaut

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The 3 𝑥 + 1 problem can be viewed, starting with the binary form for any 𝑛 𝐍 , as a string of “runs” of 1s and 0s, using methodology introduced by Błażewicz and Pettorossi in 1983. A simple system of two unary operators rewrites the length of each run, so that each new string represents the next odd integer on the 3 𝑥 + 1 path. This approach enables the conjecture to be recast as two assertions. (I) Every odd 𝑛 𝐍 lies on a distinct 3 𝑥 + 1 trajectory between two Mersenne numbers ( 2 𝑘 1 ) or their equivalents, in the sense that every integer of the form ( 4 𝑚 + 1 ) with 𝑚 being odd is equivalent to 𝑚 because both yield the same successor. (II) If 𝑇 𝑟 ( 2 𝑘 1 ) ( 2 𝑙 1 ) for any 𝑟 , 𝑘 , 𝑙 > 0 , 𝑙 < 𝑘 ; that is, the 3 𝑥 + 1 function expressed as a map of 𝑘 's is monotonically decreasing, thereby ensuring that the function terminates for every integer.