Zhiting Xu, Peixuan Weng

Oscillation Theorems for Certain Even Order Delay Differential Equations Involving General Means

By using the general means, we establish some oscillation theorems for the even order delay differential equation
$$ (r(t)|x^{(n-1)}(t)|^{\alpha-1}x^{(n-1)}(t))^{\prime}+F(t, x[g(t)])=0, $$
where $\alpha >0$ is a constant, $r \in C^1([t_0, \infty), \mathbb{R}_+)$, $F \in C([t_0, \infty)\times \mathbb{R}, \mathbb{R})$, and $g \in C([t_0, \infty), \mathbb{R})$. The results obtained extend and improve some results known in the literature.

Oscillation, delay differential equation, even order, general means.

MSC 2000: 34K11, 34C10