Nawab Hussain, Donal O'Regan, Ravi P. Agarwal

Common Fixed Point and Invariant Approximation Results on Non-Starshaped Domains

We extend the concept of $R$-subweakly commuting maps due to Shahzad 2001 to the case of non-starshaped domains and obtain common fixed point results for this class of maps on non-starshaped domains in the setup of Fr{\'e}chet spaces. As applications, we establish Brosowski-Meinardus type approximation theorems. Our results unify and extend the results of Al-Thagafi, Dotson, Habiniak, Jungck and Sessa, Sahab, Khan and Sessa and Shahzad.

Fixed point theory, non-starshaped domains, approximation results, common, invariant.

MSC 2000: 47H10