O. Chkadua

Solvability and Asymptotics of Solutions of Crack-Type
Boundary-Contact Problems of the Couple-Stress Elasticity

Spatial boundary value problems of statics of couple-stress elasticity for anisotropic homogeneous media (with contact on a part of the boundary) with an open crack are studied supposing that one medium has a smooth boundary and the other one has an open crack.

Using the method of the potential theory and the theory of pseudodifferential equations on manifolds with boundary, the existence and uniqueness theorems are proved in Besov and Bessel-potential spaces. The smoothness and a complete asymptotics of solutions near the contact boundaries and near crack edge are studied.

Properties of exponents of the first terms of the asymptotic expansion of solutions are established. Classes of isotropic, transversally-isotropic and anisotropic bodies are found, where oscillation vanishes.