Forthcoming Papers


H. A. Agwo
        On the Oscillation of Second Order Nonlinear Neutral Delay Dynamic Equations

N.-E. Amroun, A. Benaissa
        Global Existence and Energy Decay of Solutions to a Petrovsky Equation with General Nonlinear
        Dissipation and Source Term

H. Ansari-Toroghy, R. Ovlyaee-Sarmazdeh
Finitely Generated Modules and Connectivity

E. Ballico
Curves with Two Pencils and Associated Maps to Projective Spaces
H.-J. Baues
Triangulated Track Categories

N. Boussetila, F. Rebbani
The modified quasi-reversibility method for a class of ill-posed Cauchy problems

G. Gt, U. Goginava
Almost Everywhere Convergence of $(C,\alpha) $ -Means of Quadratical Partial sums
        of double Vilenkin-Fourier Series

R. Khaldi
        Szeg Asymptotic of Extremal Polynomials on the Segment [-1,+1]: The Case of a Measure
        with Finite Discrete Part.

S. S. Khurana
Vector Measures on Topological Spaces

G. Oniani
On Non-Compact Operators in Weighted Ideal and Symmetric Function Spaces

B. Sadik
Computing Characteristic Sets of Ordinary Radical Differential Ideals

N. Shahzad, R. Al-Dubiban
Approximating Common Fixed Points of Nonexpansive Mappings in Banach Spaces

M. Usanetashvili
The Dirichlet Problem for a Second Order Elliptic Equation Degenerating on the Whole Boundary
        When the Boundary Condition Is Satisfied in the Presence of Some Weight

R. G. Vyas
        Fourier Series with Small Caps

R. G. Vyas
        On the Absolute Convergence of Fourier Series of Functions of $\wedge BV^{(p)}$ and $\varphi\bigwedge BV$

Chaolong Zhang, Weizhen Feng
        Oscillations of Higher Order Functional Differential Equations with Impulses

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