Vol. 4, 1996 Contents

B.Ernst --
On a diophantine equation involving factorials

D. Acu --
On the inequality of Mathieu

Luciana Lupas --
On Newton Interpolation Formula

A. Branga --
A property of divided differences with multiple nodes

A. Branga --
A fundamental property of of B-splines

Petru T. Craciunas --
On the Sobolev Spaces (I)

I. Pienaru --
Remarks on the Gamma and Beta distributions

J. Sandor, Gh. Toader, I. Rasa --
The construction of some means

Gh. Toader, I. Rasa --
Some inequalities with integral means

P. Dicu, M. Acu --
On the inequality of Mathieu

Horiana Ovesea, Irinel Radomir, R.N. Pascu --
A sufficient condition for univalency

E. Draghici --
A general class of starlike integral operators defined on the class of functions with bounded operators argument rotation

Amelia Bucur --
The fine spectre of some Cesaro generalized operators defined on l^p (p>1)

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