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ERA-AMS FTP example
% Template to request submission of a paper to Electronic Research
% Announcements of the AMS via FTP.
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% After filling out this form, send it to:  era-submit@math.ams.org
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% instructions.
Type: ERA-AMS FTP Request

Title: Vanishing theorems for kernels of null spaces

Author: Sarah Blank
E-mail: sblank@abc.xyz.edu
Address: 123 Main St., East Oshkosh WI 02995
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Pclass: 00A00
Sclass: 45H05 15A06
% Primary and Secondary Mathematics Subject Classifications.
% (Secondary is optional.)

Keywords: vanishing theorems; null spaces
% (optional)

TeX-Type: latex
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% Name of the member of the Editorial Board (optional)

 We present some surprising vanishing theorems for kernels of null
 spaces.  Unfortunately, there are no examples of our theory.

Sending this to era-submit@math.ams.org will generate the following automatic response:

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Research Announcements of the AMS.  The directory /incoming/era/Pe8C3dmw
has been created in response to this request.  This directory is enabled for
write access via anonymous FTP to e-math.ams.org.  This directory will be
removed in 5 days.

After your submission is deposited in this directory, please send a message
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Thank you for your submission to the ERA-AMS.

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Type: ERA-AMS FTP Submission Complete for /incoming/era/Pe8C3dmw
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