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Experimental Mathematics: Table of Contents: Volume 16

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Experimental Mathematics

Volume 16 (2007)

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Volume 16, Issue 1

Computing Decompositions of Modules over Finite-Dimensional Algebras
Klaus M. Lux and Magdolna Szoke

A Database of Polarized K3 Surfaces
Gavin Brown

Zeros of Partial Sums of the Riemann Zeta Function
Peter Borwein, Greg Fee, Ron Ferguson, and Alexa van der Waall

Computational Methods for the Construction of a Class of Noetherian Operators
Alberto Damiano, Irene Sabadini, and Daniele C. Struppa

Stirling Numbers and Spin-Euler Polynomials
D. Eelbode

Clusters, Currents, and Whitehead’s Algorithm
Ilya Kapovich

A Tentative Classification of Bijective Polygonal Piecewise Isometries
X. Bressaud and G. Poggiaspalla
Supplementary materials

Counting Balanced Boolean Functions in n Variables with Bounded Degree
Thomas W. Cusick and Younhwan Cheon

Exceptional Regions and Associated Exceptional Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
Abhijit Champanerkar, Jacob Lewis, Max Lipyanskiy, and Scott Meltzer, with an appendix by Alan W. Reid

Supersingular Galois Representations and a Generalization of a Conjecture of Serre
Darrin Doud

Volume 16, Issue 2

Observations from the 8-Tetrahedron Nonorientable Census
Benjamin A. Burton

The Symmetric Subset Problem in Continuous Ramsey Theory
Greg Martin and Kevin O’Bryant

The Minimum Dilatation of Pseudo-Anosov 5-Braids
Ji-Young Ham and Won Taek Song

On Hyperbolic Plateaus of the Hénon Map
Zin Arai

Matrix-Valued Orthogonal Polynomials Related to SU(N + 1), Their Algebras of Differential Operators, and the Corresponding Curves
F. Alberto Grünbaum and Manuel D. de la Iglesia

Pseudoprime Statistics to 1019
Jens Kruse Andersen and Harvey Dubner

Cylinder Renormalization of Siegel Disks
Denis Gaidashev and Michael Yampolsky

Newton Polytopes of Two-Dimensional Hidden Markov Models
Jay Wierer and Nigel Boston

Secant Dimensions of Minimal Orbits: Computations and Conjectures
Karin Baur, Jan Draisma, and Willem A. de Graaf

On the Number of Cusps of Rational Cuspidal Plane Curves
Jens Piontkowski

Volume 16, Issue 3

Hypergeometric Forms for Ising-Class Integrals
D. H. Bailey, D. Borwein, J. M. Borwein, and R. E. Crandall

Tropical Polytopes and Cellular Resolutions
Mike Devlin and Josephine Yu

Jointly Periodic Points in Cellular Automata: Computer Explorations and Conjectures
Mike Boyle and Bryant Lee
Supplementary tables

Finding All Elliptic Curves with Good Reduction Outside a Given Set of Primes
J. E. Cremona and M. P. Lingham

The D4 Root System Is Not Universally Optimal
Henry Cohn, John H. Conway, Noam D. Elkies, and Abhinav Kumar

Schwarz Reflection Geometry II: Local and Behavior of the Exponential Map
Annalisa Calini and Joel Langer

On the Efficiency of the Simple Groups of Order Less Than a Million and Their Covers
Colin M. Campbell, George Havas, Colin Ramsay, and Edmund F. Robertson

On the Integral Carathéodory Property
Winfried Bruns

Equality of Polynomial and Field Discriminants
Avner Ash, Jos Brakenhoff, and Theodore Zarrabi

A Hardy-Ramanujan Formula for Lie Algebras
Gordon Ritter

Volume 16, Issue 4

Elliptic Curves as Attractors in P2, Part 1: Dynamics
Araceli Bonifant, Marius Dabija, and John Milnor

An Explicit Formula for the Arithmetic-Geometric Mean in Genus 3
D. Lehavi and C. Ritzenthaler

On the Singularization of the Two-Dimensional Jacobi–Perron Algorithm
B. Schratzberger

Lenstra’s Constant and Extreme Forms in Number Fields
R. Coulangeon, M. I. Icaza, and M. O’Ryan

Constructing Hyperbolic Polyhedra Using Newton’s Method
Roland K. W. Roeder
Supplementary materials

Sparse Representation for Cyclotomic Fields
Claus Fieker

The Propositional Theory of Closure
A. E. McCluskey, D. W. McIntyre, and W. S. Watson

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