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Experimental Mathematics: Articles: Volume 12

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Experimental Mathematics

Volume 12 (2003)

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Volume 12, issue 1

On Minimal Length Factorization of Finite Groups
María Isabel González Vasco, Martin Rötteler, and Rainer Steinwandt
Full Text (PDF)
Dimensions of the Boundaries of Self-Similar Sets
Ka-Sing Lau and Sze-Man Ngai
Full Text (PDF)
Sur la courbe modulaire XE (7)
Emmanuel Halberstadt et Alain Kraus
Full Text (PDF)
Complex Dimensions of Self-Similar Fractal Strings and Diophantine Approximation
Michel L. Lapidus and Machiel van Frankenhuysen
Full Text (PDF)
A Flat Manifold with No Symmetries
Reinhard Waldmüller
Full Text (PDF)
Double Bubbles in the Three-Torus
Miguel Carrión Álvarez, Joseph Corneli, Genevieve Walsh, and Shabnam Beheshti
Full Text (PDF)
Computing Homomorphism Spaces between Modules over Finite Dimensional Algebras
Klaus M. Lux and Magdolna Szoke
Full Text (PDF)
New Computations Concerning the Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics
Herman te Riele and Hugh Williams
Full Text (PDF)
How to Compute the Coefficients of the Elliptic Modular Function j (z)
Harald Baier and Günter Köhler
Full Text (PDF)
Product Replacement in the Monster
Petra E. Holmes, Stephen A. Linton, and Scott H. Murray
Full Text (PDF)

Volume 12, issue 2

The Ricatti Equation: Pinching of Forcing and Solutions
Marlies Gerber, Boris Haselblatt, and Daniel Keesing
Full Text (PDF)
The Asymptotic Distribution of Exponential Sums, I
S. J. Patterson
Full Text (PDF)
Arithmétique des courbes elliptiques à reduction supersingulière en p
Bernadette Perrin-Riou
Full Text (PDF)
Noncollision Singularities: Do Four Bodies Suffice?
Joseph L. Gerver
Full Text (PDF)
Distributing Points on the Sphere, I
Ali Katanforoush and Mehrdad Shahshahani
Full Text (PDF)
Computation of the Fundamental Units and the Regulator of a Cyclic Cubic Function Field
Y. Lee, R. Scheidler, and C. Yarrish
Full Text (PDF)
The Spectrum of the Damped Wave Operator for a Bounded Domain in R2
Mark Asch and Gilles Lebeau
Full Text (PDF)
Congruence Subgroups of PSL(2, ℤ) of Genus Less than or Equal to 24
C. J. Cummins and S. Pauli
Full Text (PDF)

Volume 12, issue 3

Nonexistence of a Weakly Neighbourly Polyhedral Map of Type {6, 6}
Nandini Nilakantan
Full Text (PDF)
Some Experimental Results on the Frobenius Problem
Matthias Beck, David Einstein, and Shelemyahu Zacks
Full Text (PDF)
Toward Optimality in Discrete Morse Theory
Thomas Lewiner, Hélio Lopes, and Geovan Tavares
Full Text (PDF)
Can Computers Discover Ideal Knots?
Eric J. Rawdon
Full Text (PDF)
A Remark on Prime Divisors of Lengths of Sides of Heron Triangles
István Gaál, István Járási, and Florian Luca
Full Text (PDF)
Numerical Investigations Related to the Derivatives of the L-Series of Certain Elliptic Curves
C. Delauney and S. Duquesne
Full Text (PDF)
Volume Conjecture and Asymptotic Expansion of q-Series
Kazuhiro Hikami
Full Text (PDF)
Foliations of Hyperbolic Space by Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces Sharing Ideal Boundary
David Chopp and John A. Velling
Full Text (PDF)
The Dirac Complex on Abstract Vector Variables: Megaforms
Irene Sabadini, Frank Sommen, and Daniele C. Struppa
Full Text (PDF)
Patterns in Knot Cohomology
Mikhail Khovanov
Full Text (PDF)
Computing the Pluricomplex Green Function with Two Poles
Frank Wikström
Full Text (PDF)

Volume 12, issue 4

A GAP Package for Braid Orbit Computation and Applications
Kay Magaard, Sergey Shpectorov, and Helmut Völklein
Full Text (PDF)
Counting Points in Medium Characteristic Using Kedlaya’s Algorithm
Pierrick Gaudry and Nicolas Gürel
Full Text (PDF)
Sampling on the Sierpinski Gasket
Richard Oberlin, Brian Street, and Robert S. Strichartz
Full Text (PDF)
Numerical Verification of the Stark-Chinburg Conjecture for Some Icosahedral Representations
Arnaud Jehanne, Xavier-Francois Roblot, and Jonathan Sands
Full Text (PDF)
The Hypermetric Cone on Seven Vertices
Michel Deza and Mathieu Dutour
Full Text (PDF)
Some New Formulas for π
Gert Almkvist, Christian Krattenthaler, and Joakim Petersson
Full Text (PDF)
New Methods Providing High Degree Polynomials with Small Mahler Measure
G. Rhin and J. -M. Sac-Épée
Full Text (PDF)
Multiply Quasiplatonic Riemann Surfaces
Ernesto Girondo
Full Text (PDF)
On the Last Geometric Statement of Jacobi
R. Sinclair
Full Text (PDF)
Irreducible Cyclic Presentations of the Trivial Group
George Havas and Edmund F. Robertson
Full Text (PDF)
The ½-Complex Bruno Function and the Yoccoz Function: A Numerical Study of the Marmi-Moussa-Yoccoz Conjecture
Timoteo Carletti
Full Text (PDF)
About a New Kind of Ramanujan-Type Series
Jesús Guillera
Full Text (PDF)
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