Reference List Formatting

This service allows users to upload a typical .tex or .bbl file containing a LaTeX formatted reference list. The service returns an html list of references suitable for publication on the EJP/ECP Web site.

References must be indicated by the usual LaTeX tag '\bibitem' in order to be recognized by this program. If your references are indicated in some other way, please contact the Managing Editor for assistance.

Unmatched references are transformed by mapping most tex markup to html. Some further formatting of these references may be necessary. 

Please be patient. Processing time is typically about one second per bibitem.

Select .tex or .bbl file from your filesystem:

This service uses the MRef tool provided by the American Mathematical Society.

Security notice. When you submit the file for processing, you will be taken to a Web site based at a different server. The URL of the new Web page will be very different from the current one. The artistic design of that page will be similar to the one of this page, to provide consistent user experience. The redirect to a different server is intentional and it is not a security risk - it is a necessary step for technical reasons.

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