Vol 2

Table of Contents

1. Surface Stretching for Ornstein Uhlenbeck Velocity Fields PDF: Download | View online
Rene Carmona, Stanislav Grishin, Lin Xu, Stanislav Molchanov 1-11

2. Geometric Ergodicity and Hybrid Markov Chains PDF: Download | View online
Gareth O. Roberts, Jeffrey S. Rosenthal 13-25

3. Strong Laws and Summability for Sequences of $\phi$-Mixing Random Variables in Banach Spaces PDF: Download | View online
Rädiger Kiesel 27-41

4. Positivity of Brownian Transition Densities PDF: Download | View online
Martin Barlow, Richard F. Bass, Krzysztof Burdzy 43-51

5. The Distribution of Time Spent by a Standard Excursion Above a Given Level, with Applications to Ring Polymers near a Discontinuity in Potential PDF: Download | View online
Kalvis M. Jansons 53-58

6. Superprocess Approximation For a Spatially Homogeneous Branching Walk PDF: Download | View online
Ingemar Kaj, Serik Sagitov 59-70

7. Martingale Representation and a Simple Proof of Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities on Path Spaces PDF: Download | View online
Mireille Capitaine, Elton P. Hsu, Michel Ledoux 71-81

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