A Stochastic Fixed Point Equation Related to Weighted Branching with Deterministic Weights

Gerold Alsmeyer (Inst. Math. Statistics, Dept. Math. and Computer Science, University of Münster)
Uwe Rösler (Math. Seminar, University of Kiel)


For real numbers $C,T_{1},T_{2},...$ we find all solutions $\mu$ to the stochastic fixed point equation $W \sim\sum_{j\ge 1}T_{j}W_{j}+C$, where $W,W_{1},W_{2},...$ are independent real-valued random variables with distribution $\mu$ and $\sim$ means equality in distribution. All solutions are infinitely divisible. The set of solutions depends on the closed multiplicative subgroup of ${ R}_{*}={ R}\backslash\{0\}$ generated by the $T_{j}$. If this group is continuous, i.e. ${R}_{*}$ itself or the positive halfline ${R}_{+}$, then all nontrivial fixed points are stable laws. In the remaining (discrete) cases further periodic solutions arise. A key observation is that the Levy measure of any fixed point is harmonic with respect to $\Lambda=\sum_{j\ge 1}\delta_{T_{j}}$, i.e. $\Gamma=\Gamma\star\Lambda$, where $\star$ means multiplicative convolution. This will enable us to apply the powerful Choquet-Deny theorem.

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Pages: 27-56

Publication Date: January 26, 2006

DOI: 10.1214/EJP.v11-296


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