Regularity of affine processes on general state spaces

Martin Keller-Ressel (TU Berlin)
Walter Schachermayer (University of Vienna)
Josef Teichmann (ETH Zurich)


We consider a stochastically continuous, affine Markov process in the sense of Duffie, Filipovic and Schachermayer, with cadlag paths, on a general state space D, i.e. an arbitrary Borel subset of $R^d$. We show that such a process is always regular, meaning that its Fourier-Laplace transform is differentiable in time, with derivatives that are continuous in the transform variable. As a consequence, we show that generalized Riccati equations and Levy-Khintchine parameters for the process can be derived, as in the case of $D = R_+^m \times R^n$ studied in Duffie, Filipovic and Schachermayer (2003). Moreover, we show that when the killing rate is zero, the affine process is a semi -martingale with absolutely continuous characteristics up to its time of explosion. Our results generalize the results of Keller-Ressel, Schachermayer and Teichmann (2011) for the state space $R_+^m \times R^n$ and provide a new probabilistic approach to regularity.

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Pages: 1-17

Publication Date: March 26, 2013

DOI: 10.1214/EJP.v18-2043


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