A Clark-Ocone formula in UMD Banach spaces

Jan Maas (TU Delft)
Jan van Neerven (TU Delft)


Let $H$ be a separable real Hilbert space and let $\mathbb{F}=(\mathscr{F}_t)_{t\in [0,T]}$ be the augmented filtration generated by an $H$-cylindrical Brownian motion $(W_H(t))_{t\in [0,T]}$ on a probability space $(\Omega,\mathscr{F},\mathbb{P})$. We prove that if $E$ is a UMD Banach space, $1\le p<\infty$, and $F\in \mathbb{D}^{1,p}(\Omega;E)$ is $\mathscr{F}_T$-measurable, then $$ F = \mathbb{E} (F) + \int_0^T P_{\mathbb{F}} (DF)\,dW_H,$$ where $D$ is the Malliavin derivative of $F$ and $P_{\mathbb{F}}$ is the projection onto the ${\mathbb{F}}$-adapted elements in a suitable Banach space of $L^p$-stochastically integrable $\mathscr{L}(H,E)$-valued processes.

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Pages: 151-164

Publication Date: April 7, 2008

DOI: 10.1214/ECP.v13-1361


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