Volume 9 (2002)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Holes in Graphs PDF
Yuejian Peng, Vojtech Rödl, Andrzej Ruciński R1
A Specht Module Analog for the Rook Monoid PDF
Cheryl Grood R2
On the Number of Permutations Admitting an m-th Root PDF
Nicolas Pouyanne R3
Relaxed Graceful Labellings of Trees PDF
Frank Van Bussel R4
On Packing Densities of Permutations PDF COMMENT
M. H. Albert, M. D. Atkinson, C. C. Handley, D. A. Holton, W. Stromquist R5
New Lower Bounds for Heilbronn Numbers PDF
Francesc Comellas, J. Luis A. Yebra R6
Minimum Connected Dominating Sets of Random Cubic Graphs PDF
W. Duckworth R7
Set-Systems with Restricted Multiple Intersections PDF
Vince Grolmusz R8
Computation of the Vertex Folkman Numbers $F(2,2,2,4;6)$ and $F(2,3,4;6)$ PDF
Evgeni Nedialkov, Nedyalko Nenov R9
Generating a Random Sink-free Orientation in Quadratic Time PDF
Henry Cohn, Robin Pemantle, James Propp R10
Identifying Codes with Small Radius in Some Infinite Regular Graphs PDF
Irène Charon, Olivier Hudry, Antoine Lobstein R11
A Generalisation of Transversals for Latin Squares PDF COMMENT
Ian M. Wanless R12
New Lower Bound Formulas for Multicolored Ramsey Numbers PDF
Aaron Robertson R13
Efficient Packing of Unit Squares in a Square PDF
Michael J Kearney, Peter Shiu R14
On the Orbits of Singer Groups and Their Subgroups PDF
Keldon Drudge R15
The Directed Anti-Oberwolfach Solution: Pancyclic 2-Factorizations of Complete Directed Graphs of Odd Order PDF
Brett Stevens R16
Combinatorial Laplacian of the Matching Complex PDF
Xun Dong, Michelle L. Wachs R17
A 'Nice' Bijection for a Content Formula for Skew Semistandard Young Tableaux PDF
Martin Rubey R18
MacWilliams Identities and Matroid Polynomials PDF
Thomas Britz R19
Exchange Symmetries in Motzkin Path and Bargraph Models of Copolymer Adsorption PDF
E. J. Janse van Rensburg, A. Rechnitzer R20
On Counting Permutations by Pairs of Congruence Classes of Major Index PDF
Hélène Barcelo, Robert Maule, Sheila Sundaram R21
Triangle Free Sets and Arithmetic Progressions – Two Pisier Type Problems PDF
Dennis Davenport, Neil Hindman, Dona Strauss R22
On Recursively Directed Hypercubes PDF
Carmel Domshlak R23
On the Number of Distributive Lattices PDF
Marcel Erné, Jobst Heitzig, Jürgen Reinhold R24
Compositions of Random Functions on a Finite Set PDF COMMENT
Avinash Dalal, Eric Schmutz R26
Sparse Graphs Usually Have Exponentially Many Optimal Colorings PDF
Michael Krivelevich R27
Non-Repetitive Tilings PDF
James D. Currie, Jamie Simpson R28
Kasteleyn Cokernels PDF
Greg Kuperberg R29
On the Dimer Problem and the Ising Problem in Finite 3-dimensional Lattices PDF
Martin Loebl R30
A Prolific Construction of Strongly Regular Graphs with the $n$-e.c. Property PDF
Peter J. Cameron, Dudley Stark R31
On the Excluded Minors for Matroids of Branch-Width Three PDF
Petr Hliněný R32
Catalan Traffic at the Beach PDF
Heinrich Niederhausen R33
Spanning Trees and Function Classes PDF
Jeffery B. Remmel, S. Gill Williamson R34
Toida's Conjecture is True PDF
Edward Dobson, Joy Morris R35
Bitableaux Bases for some Garsia-Haiman Modules and Other Related Modules PDF
E. E. Allen R36
Graph Color Extensions: When Hadwiger's Conjecture and Embeddings Help PDF
Michael O. Albertson, Joan P. Hutchinson R37
On the Connectivity of Graphs Embedded in Surfaces II PDF
Michael D. Plummer, Xiaoya Zha R38
Linearly Independent Products of Rectangularly Complementary Schur Functions PDF
Michael Kleber R39
Map Genus, Forbidden Maps, and Monadic Second-Order Logic PDF
B. Courcelle, V. Dussaux R40
Ternary Constant Weight Codes PDF
Patric R. J. Östergård, Mattias Svanström R41
Generalizing the Ramsey Problem through Diameter PDF
Dhruv Mubayi R42
The Number of Labeled 2-Connected Planar Graphs PDF
Edward A. Bender, Zhicheng Gao, Nicholas C. Wormald R43
Thue-like Sequences and Rainbow Arithmetic Progressions PDF
Jaroslaw Grytczuk R44
A Density Result for Random Sparse Oriented Graphs and its Relation to a Conjecture of Woodall PDF
Jair Donadelli, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa R45


A Note on Odd Cycle-Complete Graph Ramsey Numbers PDF
Benny Sudakov N1
Cycle Index, Weight Enumerator, and Tutte Polynomial PDF
Peter J. Cameron N2
A Small Trivalent Graph of Girth 14 PDF
Geoffrey Exoo N3
A Proof of the Two-path Conjecture PDF
Herbert Fleischner, Robert R. Molina, Ken W. Smith, Douglas B. West N4
A Concise Proof of the Littlewood-Richardson Rule PDF
John R. Stembridge N5
A Note on the Number of Edges Guaranteeing a $C_4$ in Eulerian Bipartite Digraphs PDF
Jian Shen, Raphael Yuster N6
Parking Functions of Types A and B PDF
P. Biane N7
Sum List Coloring $2 \times n$ Arrays PDF
Garth Isaak N8
On a Theorem of Erdős, Rubin, and Taylor on Choosability of Complete Bipartite Graphs PDF
Alexandr Kostochka N9
There Are Ternary Circular Square-Free Words of Length $n$ for $n\ge 18$ PDF
James D. Currie N10
Irreducible Coverings by Cliques and Sperner's Theorem PDF
Ioan Tomescu N11

ISSN: 1077-8926