Volume 7 (2000)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

On the Twin Designs with the Ionin–type Parameters PDF
H. Kharaghani R1
Resolving Triple Systems into Regular Configurations PDF
E. Mendelsohn, G. Quattrocchi R2
Diagonal Checker-jumping and Eulerian Numbers for Color-signed Permutations PDF
Niklas Eriksen, Henrik Eriksson, Kimmo Eriksson R3
Restricted set addition in groups, II. A generalization of the Erdős-Heilbronn conjecture PDF
Vsevolod F. Lev R4
Where the Typical Set Partitions Meet and Join PDF
Boris Pittel R5
A Note on the Symmetric Powers of the Standard Representation of $S_n$ PDF
D. Savitt, R. P. Stanley R6
Online Coloring Known Graphs PDF
M. M. Halldórsson R7
Random Sampling of Labeled Tournaments PDF
Lisa McShine R8
Combinatorial statistics on type-B analogues of noncrossing partitions and restricted permutations PDF
Rodica Simion R9
Evolutionary Families of Sets PDF
C. H. C. Little, A. E. Campbell R10
Linear Codes over Finite Chain Rings PDF
Thomas Honold, Ivan Landjev R11
The characteristic polynomial of a graph is reconstructible from the characteristic polynomials of its vertex-deleted subgraphs and their complements PDF
Elias M. Hagos R12
Some Pairwise Balanced Designs PDF
Malcolm Greig R13
Parity Systems and the Delta-Matroid Intersection Problem PDF
André Bouchet, Bill Jackson R14
Low Rank Co-Diagonal Matrices and Ramsey Graphs PDF COMMENT
Vince Grolmusz R15
Interchangeability of Relevant Cycles in Graphs PDF COMMENT
Petra M. Gleiss, Josef Leydold, Peter F. Stadler R16
Restricted permutations, continued fractions, and Chebyshev polynomials PDF
Toufik Mansour, Alek Vainshtein R17
Constrained graph processes PDF
Béla Bollobás, Oliver Riordan R18
A Note on Sparse Random Graphs and Cover Graphs PDF
Tom Bohman, Alan Frieze, Miklós Ruszinkó, Lubos Thoma R19
Composition sum identities related to the distribution of coordinate values in a discrete simplex PDF
R. Milson R20
Improved Upper Bounds for Self-Avoiding Walks in ${\bf Z}^{d}$ PDF
André Pönitz, Peter Tittmann R21
The Strongly Regular $(40,12,2,4)$ Graphs PDF
E. Spence R22
The Action of the Symmetric Group on a Generalized Partition Semilattice PDF
Robert Gill R23
A short proof of a partition relation for triples PDF
Albin L. Jones R24
Trees and Matchings PDF
Richard W. Kenyon, James G. Propp, David B. Wilson R25
Min-Wise Independent Linear Permutations PDF
Tom Bohman, Colin Cooper, Alan Frieze R26
Bijections for hook pair identities PDF
C. Krattenthaler R27
Harmonic Functions on Multiplicative Graphs and Interpolation Polynomials PDF
Alexei Borodin, Grigori Olshanski R28
A Note on the Non-Colorability Threshold of a Random Graph PDF COMMENT
Alexis C. Kaporis, Lefteris M. Kirousis, Yannis C. Stamatiou R29
A Note on the Number of $(k,l)$-Sum-Free Sets PDF
Tomasz Schoen R30
Separability Number and Schurity Number of Coherent Configurations PDF
Sergei Evdokimov, Ilia Ponomarenko R31
Symmetric Sum-Free Partitions and Lower Bounds for Schur Numbers PDF
Harold Fredricksen, Melvin M. Sweet R32
Asymptotics for the Probability of Connectedness and the Distribution of Number of Components PDF
Jason P. Bell, Edward A. Bender, Peter J. Cameron, L. Bruce Richmond R33
Counting Pattern-free Set Partitions II: Noncrossing and Other Hypergraphs PDF
Martin Klazar R34
Some Bijective Correspondences Involving Domino Tableaux PDF
Marc A. A. van Leeuwen R35
When Structures Are Almost Surely Connected PDF
Jason P. Bell R36
Large Dihedral Symmetry of the Set of Alternating Sign Matrices PDF
Benjamin Wieland R37
Automorphisms and Enumeration of Switching Classes of Tournaments. PDF
L. Babai, P. J. Cameron R38
A Note on the Asymptotic Behavior of the Heights in $b$-Tries for $b$ Large PDF
Charles Knessl, Wojciech Szpankowski R39
Counting Lattice Paths by Narayana Polynomials PDF
Robert A. Sulanke R40
A Note on Random Minimum Length Spanning Trees PDF
Alan Frieze, Miklós Ruszinkó, Lubos Thoma R41
The Hamiltonian p–Median Problem PDF
Holger Glaab, Alexander Pott R42
Bound Graph Polysemy PDF
Paul J. Tanenbaum R43
Tournament Sequences and Meeussen Sequences PDF
Matthew Cook, Michael Kleber R44
Continued Fractions and Catalan Problems PDF
Mahendra Jani, Robert G. Rieper R45
Improving Dense Packings of Equal Disks in a Square PDF
David W. Boll, Jerry Donovan, Ronald L. Graham, Boris D. Lubachevsky R46
A Turán Type Problem Concerning the Powers of the Degrees of a Graph PDF COMMENT
Yair Caro, Raphael Yuster R47
Linear Discrepancy of Basic Totally Unimodular Matrices PDF
Benjamin Doerr R48
Two New Extensions of the Hales-Jewett Theorem PDF
Randall McCutcheon R49
An Asymptotic Expansion for the Number of Permutations with a Certain Number of Inversions PDF
Lane Clark R50
Quasi-Spectral Characterization of Strongly Distance-Regular Graphs PDF
M. A. Fiol R51
A Ramsey Treatment of Symmetry PDF
T. Banakh, O. Verbitsky, Ya. Vorobets R52
A Complete Categorization of When Generalized Tribonacci Sequences Can Be Avoided by Additive Partitions PDF
Mike Develin R53
Franklin's Argument Proves an Identity of Zagier PDF
Robin Chapman R54
Large Equiangular Sets of Lines in Euclidean Space PDF
D. de Caen R55
Frequency Squares and Affine Designs PDF
V C Mavron R56
On the Number of Perfect Matchings and Hamilton Cycles in $\epsilon$-Regular Non-bipartite Graphs PDF
Alan Frieze R57
Tight Upper Bounds for the Domination Numbers of Graphs with Given Order and Minimum Degree, II PDF
W. Edwin Clark, Larry A. Dunning, Stephen Suen R58
On Descents in Standard Young Tableaux PDF
Peter A. Hästö R59
Colouring Planar Mixed Hypergraphs PDF
André Kündgen, Eric Mendelsohn, Vitaly Voloshin R60


Determinantal Expression and Recursion for Jack Polynomials PDF
Luc Lapointe, A. Lascoux, J. Morse N1
An Infinite Antichain of Permutations PDF COMMENT
Daniel A. Spielman, Miklós Bóna N2
Note on Gy. Elekes's Conjectures Concerning Unavoidable Patterns in Proper Colorings PDF
Vera Rosta N3
Inequality Related to Vizing's Conjecture PDF
W. Edwin Clark, Stephen Suen N4
A Construction Method for Complete Sets of Mutually Orthogonal Frequency Squares PDF
V C Mavron N5
A Determinant of the Chudnovskys Generalizing the Elliptic Frobenius-Stickelberger-Cauchy Determinantal Identity PDF
Tewodros Amdeberhan N6

ISSN: 1077-8926