Volume 6 (1999)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Flattening Antichains with Respect to the Volume PDF
Ljiljana Brankovic, Paulette Lieby, Mirka Miller R1
The Asymptotic Number of Set Partitions with Unequal Block Sizes PDF
A. Knopfmacher, A. M. Odlyzko, B. Pittel, L. B. Richmond, D. Stark, G. Szekeres, N. C. Wormald R2
New Lower Bounds for Some Multicolored Ramsey Numbers PDF
Aaron Robertson R3
A $[k,k+1]$-Factor Containing A Given Hamiltonian Cycle PDF
Cai Mao-cheng, Yanjun Li, Mikio Kano R4
Orthogonal Colorings of Graphs PDF
Yair Caro, Raphael Yuster R5
On the Theory of Pfaffian Orientations. I. Perfect Matchings and Permanents PDF
Anna Galluccio, Martin Loebl R6
On the Theory of Pfaffian Orientations. II. $T$-joins, $k$-cuts, and Duality of Enumeration PDF
Anna Galluccio, Martin Loebl R7
Multivariate Asymptotics for Products of Large Powers with Applications to Lagrange Inversion PDF
Edward A. Bender, L. Bruce Richmond R8
Perfect Factorisations of Bipartite Graphs and Latin Squares Without Proper Subrectangles PDF
I. M. Wanless R9
A Criterion for Unimodality PDF
George Boros, Victor H. Moll R10
Nim-Regularity of Graphs PDF
Nathan Reading R11
Coverings, Heat Kernels and Spanning Trees PDF
Fan Chung, S.-T. Yau R12
Longest Increasing Subsequences of Random Colored Permutations PDF
Alexei Borodin R13
$2$-adic Behavior of Numbers of Domino Tilings PDF
Henry Cohn R14
Discrepancy of Matrices of Zeros and Ones PDF
R. A. Brualdi, J. Shen R15
Tilings of Diamonds and Hexagons with Defects PDF
Harald A. Helfgott, Ira M. Gessel R16
A Simple Algorithm for Constructing Szemerédi's Regularity Partition PDF
Alan Frieze, Ravi Kannan R17
On Highly Closed Cellular Algebras and Highly Closed Isomorphisms PDF
Sergei Evdokimov, Ilia Ponomarenko R18
New Bounds for Codes Identifying Vertices in Graphs PDF COMMENT
Gérard Cohen, Iiro Honkala, Antoine Lobstein, Gilles Zémor R19
Reconstructing Subsets of Reals PDF
A. J. Radcliffe, A. D. Scott R20
Derivative Polynomials, Euler Polynomials, and Associated Integer Sequences PDF
Michael E. Hoffman R21
A van der Waerden Variant PDF APPENDIX
Kevin J. Compton R22
On a Conjecture Concerning Dyadic Oriented Matroids PDF
Matt Scobee R23
An infinite Family of Non-embeddable Hadamard Designs PDF
K. Mackenzie-Fleming R24
Bicoloring Steiner Triple Systems PDF
Charles J. Colbourn, Jeffrey H. Dinitz, Alexander Rosa R25
The Grötzsch Theorem for the Hypergraph of Maximal Cliques PDF
Bojan Mohar, Riste Skrekovski R26
Deformation of Chains via a Local Symmetric Group Action PDF
Patricia Hersh R27
Maximum Degree Growth of the Iterated Line Graph PDF
Stephen G. Hartke, Aparna W. Higgins R28
Almost all graphs with $2.522 n$ edges are not 3-colorable PDF
Dimitris Achlioptas, Michael Molloy R29
Rhombus Tilings of a Hexagon with Two Triangles Missing on the Symmetry Axis PDF
Theresia Eisenkölbl R30
Improved LP Lower Bounds for Difference Triangle Sets PDF
James B. Shearer R31
On the Structure and Classification of SOMAs: Generalizations of Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares PDF COMMENT
Leonard H. Soicher R32
Zero Capacity Region of Multidimensional Run Length Constraints PDF
Hisashi Ito, Akiko Kato, Zsigmond Nagy, Kenneth Zeger R33
On Sums Over Partially Ordered Sets PDF
Klaus Dohmen R34
Critical Subgraphs of a Random Graph PDF
Michael Molloy, Bruce Reed R35
Intersections of Randomly Embedded Sparse Graphs are Poisson PDF
Edward A. Bender, E. Rodney Canfield R36
A Closer Look at Lattice Points in Rational Simplices PDF
Matthias Beck R37
Permutation Patterns and Continued Fractions PDF APPENDIX
Aaron Robertson, Herbert S. Wilf, Doron Zeilberger R38
Stability of Kronecker Products of Irreducible Characters of the Symmetric Group PDF
Ernesto Vallejo R39
A Combinatorial Interpretation of the Area of Schröder Paths PDF
E. Pergola, R. Pinzani R40
Positivity for Special Cases of $(q,t)$-Kostka Coefficients and Standard Tableaux Statistics PDF
Mike Zabrocki R41
List Edge-Colorings of Series-Parallel Graphs PDF
Martin Juvan, Bojan Mohar, Robin Thomas R42
Induced Complete $h$-partite Graphs in Dense Clique-less Graphs PDF
Eldar Fischer R43
A Fibonacci-like Sequence of Composite Numbers PDF
John W. Nicol R44


On the Stanley-Wilf Conjecture for the Number of Permutations Avoiding a Given Pattern PDF
Richard Arratia N1
A Multiple Integral Evaluation Inspired by the Multi-WZ Method PDF
Akalu Tefera N2

ISSN: 1077-8926