Volume 5 (1998)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

New symmetric designs from regular Hadamard matrices PDF
Yury J. Ionin R1
Lattice walks in $Z^d$ and permutations with no long ascending subsequences PDF
Ira Gessel, Jonathan Weinstein, Herbert S. Wilf R2
A construction for sets of integers with distinct subset sums PDF
Tom Bohman R3
An improved bound on the minimal number of edges in color-critical graphs PDF
Michael Krivelevich R4
Periodic Sorting Using Minimum Delay, Recursively Constructed Merging Networks PDF
Edward A. Bender, S. Gill Williamson R5
Permutations which are the union of an increasing and a decreasing subsequence PDF COMMENT
M. D. Atkinson R6
All Ramsey numbers $r(K_{3},G)$ for connected graphs of order 9 PDF
Stephan Brandt, Gunnar Brinkmann, Thomas Harmuth R7
Multimatroids II. Orthogonality, minors and connectivity PDF
André Bouchet R8
A Note on Constructing Large Cayley Graphs of Given Degree and Diameter by Voltage Assignments PDF
Ljiljana Branković, Mirka Miller, Ján Plesník, Joe Ryan, Jozef Širáň R9
A Binomial Coefficient Identity Associated to a Conjecture of Beukers PDF
Scott Ahlgren, Shalosh B. Ekhad, Ken Ono, Doron Zeilberger R10
Maximising the Permanent of (0,1)-Matrices and the Number of Extensions of Latin Rectangles PDF
B. D. McKay, I. M. Wanless R11
Increasing Subsequences and the Classical Groups PDF
E. M. Rains R12
Perfect Matchings in $\epsilon$-regular Graphs PDF
Noga Alon, Vojtech Rödl, Andrzej Ruciński R13
Lattice Tilings by Cubes: Whole, Notched and Extended PDF
Mihail Kolountzakis R14
Asymptotics of the Number of $k$-words With An $\ell$-descent PDF
Amitai Regev R15
Minimal Cycle Bases of Outerplanar Graphs PDF
Josef Leydold, Peter F. Stadler R16
Finite Vector Spaces and Certain Lattices PDF
Thomas W. Cusick R17
Affine Weyl Groups as Infinite Permutations PDF
Henrik Eriksson, Kimmo Eriksson R18
A 2-Coloring of $[1,N]$ can have $(1/22)N^2+O(N)$ Monochromatic Schur Triples, but not less! PDF
Aaron Robertson, Doron Zeilberger R19
On the Number of Descendants and Ascendants in Random Search Trees PDF APPENDIX
Conrado Martínez, Alois Panholzer, Helmut Prodinger R20
Multi-Statistic Enumeration of Two-Stack Sortable Permutations PDF
Mireille Bousquet-Mélou R21
On Kissing Numbers in Dimensions 32 to 128 PDF
Yves Edel, E. M. Rains, N. J. A. Sloane R22
A Note on the Asymptotics and Computational Complexity of Graph Distinguishability PDF
Alexander Russell, Ravi Sundaram R23
Short Score Certificates for Upset Tournaments PDF
Jeffrey L. Poet, Bryan L. Shader R24
Recognizing Circulant Graphs of Prime Order in Polynomial Time PDF
Mikhail E. Muzychuk, Gottfried Tinhofer R25
A Bijective Proof of Garsia's $q$-Lagrange Inversion Theorem PDF
Dan W. Singer R26
Extremal Infinite Overlap-Free Binary Words PDF
Jean-Paul Allouche, James Currie, Jeffrey Shallit R27
Proof of the Alon-Tarsi Conjecture for $n=2^rp$ PDF
Arthur A. Drisko R28
Some New Ramsey Colorings PDF
Geoffrey Exoo R29
Lattice Paths Between Diagonal Boundaries PDF
Heinrich Niederhausen R30
The Permutation Classes Equinumerous to the Smooth Class PDF
Miklós Bóna R31
Durfee Polynomials PDF
E. Rodney Canfield, Sylvie Corteel, Carla D. Savage R32
A Multivariate Lagrange Inversion Formula for Asymptotic Calculations PDF
Edward A. Bender, L. Bruce Richmond R33
Crooked Functions, Bent Functions, and Distance Regular Graphs PDF
T. D. Bending, D. Fon-Der-Flaass R34
On Minimal Words With Given Subword Complexity PDF
Ming-wei Wang, Jeffrey Shallit R35
Inclusion-Exclusion and Network Reliability PDF
Klaus Dohmen R36
Codes and Projective Multisets PDF
Stefan Dodunekov, Juriaan Simonis R37
Combinatorial Aspects of Multiple Zeta Values PDF
Jonathan M. Borwein, David M. Bradley, David J. Broadhurst, Petr Lisoněk R38
New Bounds for Union-free Families of Sets PDF
Don Coppersmith, James B. Shearer R39
Counting Simplexes in $R^3$ PDF
Claude Laflamme, István Szalkai R40
The Average Order of a Permutation PDF
Richard Stong R41
On Noncrossing and Nonnesting Partitions for Classical Reflection Groups PDF
Christos A. Athanasiadis R42
Another Infinite Sequence of Dense Triangle-Free Graphs PDF
Stephan Brandt, Tomaž Pisanski R43
Venn Diagrams with Few Vertices PDF
Bette Bultena, Frank Ruskey R44
A Macdonald Vertex Operator and Standard Tableaux Statistics PDF
Mike Zabrocki R45
An Exploration of the Permanent-Determinant Method PDF
Greg Kuperberg R46
Bijective Recurrences concerning Schröder Paths PDF
Robert A. Sulanke R47


Constructions for Cubic Graphs with Large Girth PDF
Norman Biggs A1

ISSN: 1077-8926