Volume 3, Issue 1 (1996)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Maximum subsets of (0,1] with no solutions to x+y = kz PDF
Fan R. K. Chung, John L. Goldwasser R1
The Number of Solutions of $X^2=0$ in Triangular Matrices Over $GF(q)$ PDF
Shalosh B. Ekhad, Doron Zeilberger R2
Line-transitive Automorphism Groups of Linear Spaces PDF
Alan R Camina, Susanne Mischke R3
On a Class of Constant Weight Codes PDF
Mihai Caragiu R4
The Number of Knight's Tours Equals 33,439,123,484,294 — Counting with Binary Decision Diagrams PDF COMMENT
Martin Löbbing, Ingo Wegener R5
Applying Tabu Search to Determine New Ramsey Graphs PDF
Konrad Piwakowski R6
A Symmetric Functions Approach to Stockhausen's Problem PDF
Lily Yen R7
On a Strange Recursion of Golomb PDF
Ed Barbeau, Steve Tanny R8
Playing Nim on a Simplicial Complex PDF
Richard Ehrenborg, Einar Steingrímsson R9
A Short Proof of the Rook Reciprocity Theorem PDF
Timothy Chow R10
Transition Restricted Gray Codes PDF
Bette Bultena, Frank Ruskey R11
Three generalizations of Weyl's denominator formula PDF
Todd Simpson R12
Faster and Faster Convergent Series for $\zeta(3)$ PDF
Tewodros Amdeberhan R13
For Which Graphs Does Every Edge Belong to Exactly Two Chordless Cycles? PDF
Uri N. Peled, Julin Wu R14
A New Construction for Cancellative Families of Sets PDF
James B. Shearer R15
Repeated Patterns of Dense Packings of Equal Disks in a Square PDF COMMENT
R. L. Graham, B. D. Lubachevsky R16
Gray Codes for A-Free Strings PDF
Matthew B. Squire R17
Symmetry Breaking in Graphs PDF
Michael O. Albertson, Karen L. Collins R18
A Generalization of Gosper's Algorithm to Bibasic Hypergeometric Summation PDF
Axel Riese R19
On Extremal Graphs With No Long Paths PDF
Asad Ali Ali, William Staton R20
Algebraic Shifting and Sequentially Cohen-Macaulay Simplicial Complexes PDF
Art M. Duval R21
An improved tableau criterion for Bruhat order PDF
Anders Björner, Francesco Brenti R22
Evaluation of Triple Euler Sums PDF
Jonathan M. Borwein, Roland Girgensohn R23
Local equivalence of transversals in matroids PDF
D. Fon-Der-Flaass R24
Balanced Gray Codes PDF COMMENT
Girish S. Bhat, Carla D. Savage R25
Ramseyan Properties of Graphs PDF
Ermelinda DeLaVina, Siemion Fajtlowicz R26
The three dimensional polyominoes of minimal area PDF
Laurent Alonso, Raphaël Cerf R27
Enumeration by Stabilizer Class of Patterns with Local Restrictions PDF
Ifor Morris, Christopher D. Wensley R28
Descendants in heap ordered trees or a triumph of computer algebra PDF
Helmut Prodinger R29
A Simple Method for Constructing Small Cubic Graphs of Girths 14, 15 and 16 PDF
Geoffrey Exoo R30
Enumerating Up-Side Self-Avoiding Walks on Integer Lattices PDF
Lauren K. Williams R31
Improved Coverings of a Square with Six and Eight Equal Circles PDF
J. B. M. Melissen, P. C. Schuur R32
Stapled Sequences and Stapling Coverings of Natural Numbers PDF COMMENT
Irene Gassko R33
Admissible Functions and Asymptotics for Labelled Structures by Number of Components PDF
Edward A. Bender, L. Bruce Richmond R34


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