Volume 19, Issue 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Finite Factors of Bernoulli Schemes and Distinguishing Labelings of Directed Graphs PDF
Andrew Lazowski, Stephen M. Shea P1
On Euclidean Designs and Potential Energy PDF
Tsuyoshi Miezaki, Makoto Tagami P2
On Harmonious Colouring of Trees PDF
A. Aflaki, S. Akbari, K.J. Edwards, D.S. Eskandani, M. Jamaali, H. Ravanbod P3
On the Upper Tail of Counts of Strictly Balanced Subgraphs PDF
Matas Šileikis P4
Local-to-Global Principles for the Hitting Sequence of a Rotor Walk PDF
Giuliano Pezzolo Giacaglia, Lionel Levine, James Propp, Linda Zayas-Palmer P5
A Basis of Finite and Infinite Sets with Small Representation Function PDF
Artūras Dubickas P6
Descents of Permutations in a Ferrers Board PDF
Chunwei Song, Catherine Yan P7
An Improved Inequality Related to Vizing's Conjecture PDF
Stephen Suen, Jennifer Tarr P8
The ${1/k}$-Eulerian Polynomials PDF Comment
Carla D. Savage, Gopal Viswanathan P9
Anti-Codes in Terms of Berlekamp's Switching Game PDF
Uwe Schauz P10
Partitions, Kostka Polynomials and Pairs of Trees PDF
Eliana Zoque P11
Kaleidoscopical Configurations in $G$-Spaces PDF
Taras Banakh, Oleksandr Petrenko, Igor Protasov, Sergiy Slobodianiuk P12
Flag $f$-Vectors of Three-Colored Complexes PDF
Andrew Frohmader P13
$h$-Vectors of Small Matroid Complexes PDF
Jesús A. De Loera, Yvonne Kemper, Steven Klee P14
Domination Reliability PDF
Klaus Dohmen, Peter Tittmann P15
Maximal Fillings of Moon Polyominoes, Simplicial Complexes, and Schubert Polynomials PDF
Luis Serrano, Christian Stump P16
Propagation Connectivity of Random Hypergraphs PDF
Amin Coja-Oghlan, Mikael Onsjö, Osamu Watanabe P17
Pandiagonal Sudokus PDF
Walter Klotz, Torsten Sander P18
The Smallest One-Realization of a Given Set PDF
Ping Zhao, Kefeng Diao, Kaishun Wang P19
Rainbow Connection Number and Connectivity PDF
Xueliang Li, Sujuan Liu, L. Sunil Chandran, Rogers Mathew, Deepak Rajendraprasad P20
Generating Trees and Pattern Avoidance in Alternating Permutations PDF
Joel Brewster Lewis P21
The Positive Minimum Degree Game on Sparse Graphs PDF
József Balogh, András Pluhár P22
On Ryser's conjecture PDF
P. E. Haxell, A. D. Scott P23
A Note on Random $k$-SAT for Moderately Growing $k$ PDF
Jun Liu, Zongsheng Gao, Ke Xu P24
On the Number of Hamilton Cycles in Pseudo-Random Graphs PDF
Michael Krivelevich P25
Symmetric Chain Decomposition of Necklace Posets PDF
Vivek Dhand P26
Sequences of Integers Avoiding 3-term Arithmetic Progressions PDF
Arun Sharma P27
Actions and Identities on Set Partitions PDF
Eric Marberg P28
Refined Inversion Statistics on Permutations PDF
Joshua Sack, Henning Úlfarsson P29
A Construction for the Hat Problem on a Directed Graph PDF
Rani Hod, Marcin Krzywkowski P30
Susceptibility in Inhomogeneous Random Graphs PDF
Svante Janson, Oliver Riordan P31
Bounds for Identifying Codes in Terms of Degree Parameters PDF
Florent Foucaud, Guillem Perarnau P32
Balanced Line for a 3-Colored Point Set in the Plane PDF
Sergey Bereg, Mikio Kano P33
The Existence of Strong Complete Mappings PDF
Anthony B. Evans P34
Automorphism Groups of Rational Circulant Graphs PDF
Mikhail Klin, István Kovács P35
The Negative $q$-Binomial PDF
Shishuo Fu, V. Reiner, Dennis Stanton, Nathaniel Thiem P36
Properties of $\theta$-super positive graphs PDF
Cheng Yeaw Ku, Kok Bin Wong P37
Plactic relations for $r$-domino tableaux PDF
Müge Taşkin P38
The Chromatic Number and the Least Eigenvalue of a Graph PDF
Yi-Zheng Fan, Gui-Dong Yu, Yi Wang P39
The Identities of Additive Binary Arithmetics PDF
Anton A. Klyachko, Ekaterina V. Menshova P40
On-Line List Colouring of Complete Multipartite Graphs PDF
Seog-Jin Kim, Young Soo Kwon, Daphne Der-Fen Liu, Xuding Zhu P41
Efficient Oracles for Generating Binary Bubble Languages PDF
J. Sawada, A. Williams P42
On the Number of $F$-Matchings in a Tree PDF
Hiu-Fai Law P43
Integral Sets and Cayley Graphs of Finite Groups PDF
Roger C. Alperin, Brian L. Peterson P44
Rainbow-free $3$-colorings of Abelian Groups PDF
Amanda Montejano, Oriol Serra P45
Rainbow Hamilton Cycles in Uniform Hypergraphs PDF
Andrzej Dudek, Alan Frieze, Andrzej Ruciński P46
Random Subgraphs in Cartesian Powers of Regular Graphs PDF
Felix Joos P47
The 2-adic Valuation of Plane Partitions and Totally Symmetric Plane Partitions PDF
William J. Keith P48
On the Number of Indecomposable Permutations with a Given Number of Cycles PDF
Robert Cori, Claire Mathieu, John Michael Robson P49
The Covered Components Polynomial: A New Representation of the Edge Elimination Polynomial PDF
Martin Trinks P50
The Effect of Random Edge Removal on Network Degree Sequence PDF
Thomas DuBois, Stephen Eubank, Aravind Srinivasan P51
Two-Part Set Systems PDF
Péter L. Erdős, Dániel Gerbner, Nathan Lemons, Dhruv Mubayi, Cory Palmer, Balázs Patkós P52
Cubic Vertex-Transitive Non-Cayley Graphs of Order $8p$ PDF
Jin-Xin Zhou, Yan-Quan Feng P53
A Dice Rolling Game on a Set of Tori PDF
Jeehoon Kang, Suh-Ryung Kim, Boram Park P54
Minimum Clique Number, Chromatic Number, and Ramsey Numbers PDF
Gaku Liu P55
Poset Pinball, Highest Forms, and $(n-2,2)$ Springer Varieties PDF
Barry Dewitt, Megumi Harada P56
A Combinatorial Proof of the Recurrence for Rook Paths PDF
Emma Yu Jin, Markus E. Nebel P57
The Chromatic Index of a Graph Whose Core has Maximum Degree $2$ PDF
Mikio Kano, Saieed Akbari, Maryam Ghanbari, Mohammad Javad Nikmehr P58
The Full Automorphism Group of Cayley Graphs of $\mathbb{Z}_p\times\mathbb{Z}_{p^2}$ PDF
Edward Dobson P59
Combinatorial Interpretations of Particular Evaluations of Complete and Elementary Symmetric Functions PDF
Pietro Mongelli P60
Doubly Biased Maker-Breaker Connectivity Game PDF
Dan Hefetz, Mirjana Mikalački, Miloš Stojaković P61
Surprising Symmetries in Objects Counted by Catalan Numbers PDF
Miklós Bóna P62
Avoiding $(m,m,m)$-Arrays of Order $n=2^k$ PDF
Lina J. Andrén P63
Largest and Smallest Minimal Percolating Sets in Trees PDF
Eric Riedl P64
Hamiltonicity of Minimum Distance Graphs of 1-Perfect Codes PDF
Alexander Mikhailovich Romanov P65
On the Ramsey Number $R(4,6)$ PDF
Geoffrey Exoo P66
Distortion of the Hyperbolicity Constant of a Graph PDF
Walter Carballosa, Domingo Pestana, José M. Rodríguez, José M. Sigarreta P67
On $Q$-Polynomial Association Schemes of Small Class PDF
Sho Suda P68
The Tight Upper Bound for the Number of Matchings of Tricyclic Graphs PDF
Ardeshir Dolati, Somayyeh Golalizadeh P69

ISSN: 1077-8926