Volume 17 (2010)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Asymptotics of Some Convolutional Recurrences PDF
Edward A. Bender, Adri B. Olde Daalhuis, Zhicheng Gao, L. Bruce Richmond, Nicholas Wormald R1
Constructing $5$-Configurations with Chiral Symmetry PDF
Leah Wrenn Berman, Laura Ng R2
Lindelöf Representations and (Non-)Holonomic Sequences PDF
Philippe Flajolet, Stefan Gerhold, Bruno Salvy R3
On Universal Cycles of Labeled Graphs PDF
Greg Brockman, Bill Kay, Emma E. Snively R4
Potential-Based Strategies for Tic-Tac-Toe on the Integer Lattice with Numerous Directions PDF
Klay Kruczek, Eric Sundberg R5
Large Bounded Degree Trees in Expanding Graphs PDF
József Balogh, Béla Csaba, Martin Pei, Wojciech Samotij R6
The Evolution of Uniform Random Planar Graphs PDF
Chris Dowden R7
Gorenstein Polytopes Obtained from Bipartite Graphs PDF
Makoto Tagami R8
A Combinatorial Proof of a Formula for Betti Numbers of a Stacked Polytope PDF
Suyoung Choi, Jang Soo Kim R9
The Abel-Type Polynomial Identities PDF
Fengying Huang, Bolian Liu R10
Game Colouring Directed Graphs PDF
Daqing Yang, Xuding Zhu R11
The Planarity Theorems of MacLane and Whitney for Graph-like Continua PDF
Robin Christian, R. Bruce Richter, Brendan Rooney R12
Flexible Color Lists in Alon and Tarsi's Theorem, and Time Scheduling with Unreliable Participants PDF
Uwe Schauz R13
Permutations with Ascending and Descending Blocks PDF
Jacob Steinhardt R14
Pattern Hypergraphs PDF
Zdeněk Dvořák, Jan Kára, Daniel Král', Ondřej Pangrác R15
Congruences Involving Alternating Multiple Harmonic Sums PDF
Roberto Tauraso R16
Graph Powers and Graph Homomorphisms PDF
Hossein Hajiabolhassan, Ali Taherkhani R17
Some Design Theoretic Results on the Conway Group $\cdot$0 PDF
Ben Fairbairn R18
Counting Subwords in a Partition of a Set PDF
Toufik Mansour, Mark Shattuck, Sherry H.F. Yan R19
Distinguishing Number of Countable Homogeneous Relational Structures PDF
C. Laflamme, L. Nguyen Van Thé, N. Sauer R20
Dense $H$-Free Graphs are Almost $(\chi(H)-1)$-Partite PDF
Peter Allen R21
Minimally Intersecting Set Partitions of Type $B$ PDF
William Y.C. Chen, David G.L. Wang R22
Degree Distributions in General Random Intersection Graphs PDF
Yilun Shang R23
Promotion Operator on Rigged Configurations of Type $A$ PDF
Anne Schilling, Qiang Wang R24
Bootstrap Percolation and Diffusion in Random Graphs with Given Vertex Degrees PDF
Hamed Amini R25
On Randomly Generated Non-Trivially Intersecting Hypergraphs PDF
Balázs Patkós R26
Generating Functions for Permutations which Contain a Given Descent Set PDF
Jeffrey Remmel, Manda Riehl R27
The Toric Ideal of a Matroid of Rank 3 is Generated by Quadrics PDF
Kenji Kashiwabara R28
Enumeration Schemes for Permutations Avoiding Barred Patterns PDF
Lara Pudwell R29
Extremal Graph Theory for Metric Dimension and Diameter PDF
Carmen Hernando, Mercè Mora, Ignacio M. Pelayo, Carlos Seara, David R. Wood R30
On Colorings Avoiding a Rainbow Cycle and a Fixed Monochromatic Subgraph PDF
Maria Axenovich, JiHyeok Choi R31
Factorisation of Snarks PDF
Miroslav Chladný, Martin Škoviera R32
Combinatorial Constructions of Weight Bases: The Gelfand-Tsetlin Basis PDF
Patricia Hersh, Cristian Lenart R33
MacMahon's Theorem for a Set of Permutations with Given Descent Indices and Right-Maximal Records PDF
A. Dzhumadil'daev R34
$B_h$ Sequences in Higher Dimensions PDF
Laurence Rackham, Paulius Šarka R35
Enumeration of Perfect Matchings of a Type of Quadratic Lattice on the Torus PDF
Fuliang Lu, Lianzhu Zhang, Fenggen Lin R36
Combinatorial vs. Algebraic Characterizations of Completely Pseudo-Regular Codes PDF
M. Cámara, J. Fàbrega, M. A. Fiol, E. Garriga R37
On a Rado Type Problem for Homogeneous Second Order Linear Recurrences PDF
Hayri Ardal, Zdeněk Dvořák, Veselin Jungić, Tomáš Kaiser R38
Satisfying States of Triangulations of a Convex $n$-gon PDF
A. Jiménez, M. Kiwi, M. Loebl R39
$H$-Decompositions of $r$-graphs when $H$ is an $r$-graph with exactly 2 edges PDF
Teresa Sousa R40
Congruence Classes of Orientable $2$-Cell Embeddings of Bouquets of Circles and Dipoles PDF
Yan-Quan Feng, Jin-Ho Kwak, Jin-Xin Zhou R41
Spectral Characterizations of Dumbbell Graphs PDF
Jianfeng Wang, Francesco Belardo, Qiongxiang Huang, Enzo M. Li Marzi R42
Plancherel Averages: Remarks on a Paper by Stanley PDF
Grigori Olshanski R43
Hamiltonian Paths in the Complete Graph with Edge-Lengths 1, 2, 3 PDF
Stefano Capparelli, Alberto Del Fra R44
The Minimal Perimeter for $N$ Confined Deformable Bubbles of Equal Area PDF
S. J. Cox, E. Flikkema R45
Value-Peaks of Permutations PDF
Pierre Bouchard, Hungyung Chang, Jun Ma, Jean Yeh, Yeong-Nan Yeh R46
The Cyclic Sieving Phenomenon for Faces of Cyclic Polytopes PDF
Sen-Peng Eu, Tung-Shan Fu, Yeh-Jong Pan R47
Aperiodic Non-Isomorphic Lattices with Equivalent Percolation and Random-Cluster Models PDF
Klas Markström, John C. Wierman R48
Positively Curved Combinatorial 3-Manifolds PDF
Aaron Trout R49
Forbidden Configurations: Exact Bounds Determined by Critical Substructures PDF
R. P. Anstee, S. N. Karp R50
Enumeration of Alternating Sign Matrices of Even Size (Quasi-)Invariant under a Quarter-Turn Rotation PDF
Jean-Christophe Aval, Philippe Duchon R51
Ehrhart Clutters: Regularity and Max-Flow Min-Cut PDF
José Martínez-Bernal, Edwin O'Shea, Rafael H. Villarreal R52
Ascent Sequences and Upper Triangular Matrices Containing Non-Negative Integers PDF
Mark Dukes, Robert Parviainen R53
Encodings of Cladograms and Labeled Trees PDF
Daniel J. Ford R54
Orthogonal Vector Coloring PDF
Gerald Haynes, Catherine Park, Amanda Schaeffer, Jordan Webster, Lon H. Mitchell R55
On Winning Fast in Avoider-Enforcer Games PDF
János Barát, Miloš Stojaković R56
Positivity of Three-Term Recurrence Sequences PDF COMMENT
Lily L. Liu R57
Some Inequalities in Functional Analysis, Combinatorics, and Probability Theory PDF
Chunrong Feng, Liangpan Li, Jian Shen R58
The $t$-Stability Number of a Random Graph PDF
Nikolaos Fountoulakis, Ross J. Kang, Colin McDiarmid R59
On Cross-Intersecting Uniform Sub-Families of Hereditary Families PDF
Peter Borg R60
On Convexity of Polynomial Paths and Generalized Majorizations PDF
Marija Dodig, Marko Stošić R61
Consecutive Patterns: From Permutations to Column-Convex Polyominoes and Back PDF
Don Rawlings, Mark Tiefenbruck R62
On the Determining Number and the Metric Dimension of Graphs PDF
José Cáceres, Delia Garijo, María Luz Puertas, Carlos Seara R63
A Bijective Proof of a Major Index Theorem of Garsia and Gessel PDF
Mordechai Novick R64
Polyiamonds and Polyhexes with Minimum Site-Perimeter and Achievement Games PDF
Gábor Fülep, Nándor Sieben R65
A Simple Havel–Hakimi Type Algorithm to Realize Graphical Degree Sequences of Directed Graphs PDF
Péter L. Erdős, István Miklós, Zoltán Toroczkai R66
Cyclic Sieving for Longest Reduced Words in the Hyperoctahedral Group PDF
T. Kyle Petersen, Luis Serrano R67
A Finite Calculus Approach to Ehrhart Polynomials PDF
Steven V. Sam, Kevin M. Woods R68
On Restricted Unitary Cayley Graphs and Symplectic Transformations Modulo $n$ PDF
Niel de Beaudrap R69
Combinatorial Interpretations of the Jacobi-Stirling Numbers PDF
Yoann Gelineau, Jiang Zeng R70
A Hilton-Milner Theorem for Vector Spaces PDF
A. Blokhuis, A. E. Brouwer, A. Chowdhury, P. Frankl, T. Mussche, B. Patkós, T. Szőnyi R71
The Centers of Gravity of the Associahedron and of the Permutahedron are the Same PDF
Christophe Hohlweg, Jonathan Lortie, Annie Raymond R72
Towards the Albertson Conjecture PDF
János Barát, Géza Tóth R73
The Spectra of Certain Classes of Room Frames: The Last Cases PDF
Jeffrey H. Dinitz, Gregory S. Warrington R74
Equidimensionality of the Brauer Loop Scheme PDF
Brian Rothbach R75
Modular, $k$-Noncrossing Diagrams PDF
Christian M. Reidys, Rita R. Wang, Albus Y. Y. Zhao R76
Sharply Transitive $1$-Factorizations of Complete Multipartite Graphs PDF
Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo, Gloria Rinaldi R77
A Conjecture of Biggs Concerning the Resistance of a Distance-Regular Graph PDF
Greg Markowsky, Jacobus Koolen R78
On the Possible Orders of a Basis for a Finite Cyclic Group PDF
Peter Dukes, Peter Hegarty, Sarada Herke R79
Largest Minimal Percolating Sets in Hypercubes under $2$-Bootstrap Percolation PDF
Eric Riedl R80
Integral Cayley Graphs over Abelian Groups PDF
Walter Klotz, Torsten Sander R81
An Infinite Family of Graphs with the Same Ihara Zeta Function PDF
Christopher Storm R82
Graphical Condensation, Overlapping Pfaffians and Superpositions of Matchings PDF
Markus Fulmek R83
Winning Positions in Simplicial Nim PDF
David Horrocks R84
Discrete bidding games PDF
Mike Develin, Sam Payne R85
Yet Another Hat Game PDF
Maura B. Paterson, Douglas R. Stinson R86
Double-Critical Graphs and Complete Minors PDF
Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi, Anders Sune Pedersen, Bjarne Toft R87
Quantized Dual Graded Graphs PDF
Thomas Lam R88
The Solution of the $A_r$ T-System for Arbitrary Boundary PDF
Philippe Di Francesco R89
Sortable Elements for Quivers with Cycles PDF
Nathan Reading, David E Speyer R90
An Optimal Strongly Identifying Code in the Infinite Triangular Grid PDF
Iiro Honkala R91
How Frequently is a System of $2$-Linear Boolean Equations Solvable? PDF
Boris Pittel, Ji-A Yeum R92
A Combinatorial Formula for the Hilbert Series of Bigraded $S_n$-Modules PDF
Meesue Yoo R93
Zeros of the Jones Polynomial are Dense in the Complex Plane PDF
Xian'an Jin, Fuji Zhang, Fengming Dong, Eng Guan Tay R94
Formal Calculus and Umbral Calculus PDF
Thomas J. Robinson R95
On the Sharpness of Some Results Relating Cuts and Crossing Numbers PDF
Laurent Beaudou, Drago Bokal R96
The Ladder Crystal PDF
Chris Berg R97
Properties of the Steiner Triple Systems of Order 19 PDF
Charles J. Colbourn, Anthony D. Forbes, Mike J. Grannell, Terry S. Griggs, Petteri Kaski, Patric R. J. Östergård, David A. Pike, Olli Pottonen R98
Maxmaxflow and Counting Subgraphs PDF
Bill Jackson, Alan D. Sokal R99
On Some Densities in the Set of Permutations PDF
Eugenijus Manstavičius R100
Symmetric Bowtie Decompositions of the Complete Graph PDF
Simona Bonvicini, Beatrice Ruini R101
Random Procedures for Dominating Sets in Graphs PDF
Sarah Artmann, Frank Göring, Jochen Harant, Dieter Rautenbach, Ingo Schiermeyer R102
Periodicity and Other Structure in a Colorful Family of Nim-like Arrays PDF
Lowell Abrams, Dena S. Cowen-Morton R103
On Zero-sum Free Subsets of Length 7 PDF
Pingzhi Yuan, Xiangneng Zeng R104
Aztec Diamonds and Baxter Permutations PDF
Hal Canary R105
The Asymptotic Behavior of the Average $L^p-$Discrepancies and a Randomized Discrepancy PDF
Stefan Steinerberger R106
A Conjectured Formula for Fully Packed Loop Configurations in a Triangle PDF
Paul Zinn-Justin R107
Logconcave Random Graphs PDF
Alan Frieze, Santosh Vempala, Juan Vera R108
Records in Set Partitions PDF
Arnold Knopfmacher, Toufik Mansour, Stephan Wagner R109
The Largest Component in an Inhomogeneous Random Intersection Graph with Clustering PDF
Mindaugas Bloznelis R110
An Extremal Theorem in the Hypercube PDF
David Conlon R111
Arcs with Large Conical Subsets PDF
K. Coolsaet, H. Sticker R112
Standard Character Condition for Table Algebras PDF
Amir Rahnamai Barghi, Javad Bagherian R113
Recognizing Graph Theoretic Properties with Polynomial Ideals PDF
Jesús A. De Loera, Christopher J. Hillar, Peter N. Malkin, Mohamed Omar R114
On Sum of Powers of the Laplacian and Signless Laplacian Eigenvalues of Graphs PDF
Saieed Akbari, Ebrahim Ghorbani, Jacobus H. Koolen, Mohammad Reza Oboudi R115
Two Simple Proofs of Winquist's Identity PDF
Chutchai Nupet, Sarachai Kongsiriwong R116
Cyclic Permutations of Sequences and Uniform Partitions PDF
Po-Yi Huang, Jun Ma, Yeong-Nan Yeh R117
Cyclic partitions of complete uniform hypergraphs PDF
Artur Szymański, A. Paweł Wojda R118
Crystal Rules for $(\ell,0)$-JM Partitions PDF
Chris Berg R119
Crossings and Nestings in Set Partitions of Classical Types PDF
Martin Rubey, Christian Stump R120
Characteristic Points of Recursive Systems PDF
Jason P. Bell, Stanley N. Burris, Karen A. Yeats R121
Lower Bounds for Identifying Codes in some Infinite Grids PDF
Ryan Martin, Brendon Stanton R122
Intersections of Nonclassical Unitals and Conics in $\mathrm{PG}(2,q^2)$ PDF
Angela Aguglia, Vincenzo Giordano R123
Riemann-Roch for Sub-Lattices of the Root Lattice $A_n$ PDF
Omid Amini, Madhusudan Manjunath R124
On the Koolen–Park inequality and Terwilliger graphs PDF
Alexander L. Gavrilyuk R125
Optimal Packings of 13 and 46 Unit Squares in a Square PDF
Wolfram Bentz R126
Enumerating Pattern Avoidance for Affine Permutations PDF
Andrew Crites R127
On the Structure of Sets with Few Three-Term Arithmetic Progressions PDF
Ernie Croot R128
List Coloring Hypergraphs PDF
Penny Haxell, Jacques Verstraete R129
Decomposing Complete Equipartite Graphs into Short Odd Cycles PDF
Benjamin R. Smith, Nicholas J. Cavenagh R130
Enumeration of Restricted Permutation Triples PDF
Xiaojing Chen, Wenchang Chu R131
Sharp Lower Bound for the Total Number of Matchings of Tricyclic Graphs PDF
Shuchao Li, Zhongxun Zhu R132
Coloring the Edges of a Random Graph without a Monochromatic Giant Component PDF
Reto Spöhel, Angelika Steger, Henning Thomas R133
Automorphism Groups of a Graph and a Vertex-Deleted Subgraph PDF
Stephen G. Hartke, Hannah Kolb, Jared Nishikawa, Derrick Stolee R134
New Upper Bounds for the Size of Permutation Codes via Linear Programming PDF
Mathieu Bogaerts R135
Densities of Minor-Closed Graph Families PDF
David Eppstein R136
On the Distribution of Depths in Increasing Trees PDF
Markus Kuba, Stephan Wagner R137
Factoring in Embedding Dimension Three Numerical Semigroups PDF
F. Aguiló-Gost, P. A. García-Sánchez R138
From a 1-Rotational RBIBD to a Partitioned Difference Family PDF
Marco Buratti, Jie Yan, Chengmin Wang R139
On Ternary Square-Free Circular Words PDF
Arseny M. Shur R140
Growth Rates for Subclasses of $\mathrm{Av}(321)$ PDF
M. H. Albert, M. D. Atkinson, R. Brignall, N. Ruškuc, Rebecca Smith, J. West R141
On the most Weight $w$ Vectors in a Dimension $k$ Binary Code PDF
Joshua Brown Kramer R142
On Graphs with Cyclic Defect or Excess PDF
Charles Delorme, Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio R143
On Tours that contain all Edges of a Hypergraph PDF
Zbigniew Lonc, Paweł Naroski R144
Locally Restricted Compositions III. Adjacent-Part Periodic Inequalities PDF
Edward A. Bender, E. Rodney Canfield R145
Large convexly independent subsets of Minkowski sums PDF
Konrad J. Swanepoel, Pavel Valtr R146
An Interesting New Mahonian Permutation Statistic PDF
Mark C. Wilson R147
Infinitely many Hypermaps of a given Type and Genus PDF
Gareth A. Jones, Daniel Pinto R148
The Nonexistence of Regular Near Octagons with Parameters $(s,t,t_2,t_3)=(2,24,0,8)$ PDF
Bart De Bruyn R149
Lower Bounds for the Average Genus of a CF-graph PDF
Yichao Chen R150
Graph Minors and Minimum Degree PDF
Gašper Fijavž, David R. Wood R151
Rotor-Router Aggregation on the Layered Square Lattice PDF
Wouter Kager, Lionel Levine R152
A Hessenberg Generalization of the Garsia-Procesi Basis for the Cohomology Ring of Springer Varieties PDF
Aba Mbirika R153
Symmetric Laman Theorems for the Groups $\mathcal{C}_2$ and $\mathcal{C}_s$ PDF
Bernd Schulze R154
A Formula for the Bivariate Map Asymptotics Constants in terms of the Univariate Map Asymptotics Constants PDF
Zhicheng Gao R155
Climbing elements in finite Coxeter groups PDF
Thomas Brady, Aisling Kenny, Colum Watt R156
The Diameter of Almost Eulerian Digraphs PDF
Peter Dankelmann, L. Volkmann R157
Matchings and Partial Patterns PDF
Vít Jelínek, Toufik Mansour R158
Regular Factors of Regular Graphs from Eigenvalues PDF
Hongliang Lu R159
The Enumeration of Sequences with Restrictions on their Partial Sums PDF
Stephen Suen, Kevin P. Wagner R160
Building Graphs from Colored Trees PDF
Rachel M. Esselstein, Peter Winkler R161
The Orderings of Bicyclic Graphs and Connected Graphs by Algebraic Connectivity PDF
Jianxi Li, Ji-Ming Guo, Wai Chee Shiu R162
Cyclic Derangements PDF
Sami H. Assaf R163
A Theory of Transformation Monoids: Combinatorics and Representation Theory PDF
Benjamin Steinberg R164
Thin Lehman Matrices and Their Graphs PDF
Jonathan Wang R165
Invariant and Coinvariant Spaces for the Algebra of Symmetric Polynomials in Non-Commuting Variables PDF
François Bergeron, Aaron Lauve R166
The Cover Time of Deterministic Random Walks PDF
Tobias Friedrich, Thomas Sauerwald R167
A Probabilistic Approach to the Asymptotics of the Length of the Longest Alternating Subsequence PDF
Christian Houdré, Ricardo Restrepo R168
$\lambda$-Factorials of $n$ PDF
Yidong Sun, Jujuan Zhuang R169
An Extremal Property of Turán Graphs PDF
Felix Lazebnik, Spencer Tofts R170
Classification of Generalized Hadamard Matrices $H(6,3)$ and Quaternary Hermitian Self-Dual Codes of Length 18 PDF
Masaaki Harada, Clement Lam, Akihiro Munemasa, Vladimir D. Tonchev R171
Honeycomb Arrays PDF
Simon R. Blackburn, Anastasia Panoui, Maura B. Paterson, Douglas R. Stinson R172
New Results about Set Colorings of Graphs PDF
J. P. Boutin, E. Duchêne, B. Effantin, H. Kheddouci, H. Seba R173
On the Linearity of Higher-Dimensional Blocking Sets PDF
G. Van de Voorde R174
On the Uniform Generation of Modular Diagrams PDF
Fenix W.D. Huang, Christian M. Reidys R175
A Paintability Version of the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz, and List Colorings of $k$-partite $k$-uniform Hypergraphs PDF
Uwe Schauz R176
Linear Programming and the Worst-Case Analysis of Greedy Algorithms on Cubic Graphs PDF APPENDIX
W. Duckworth, N. Wormald R177


Mutually Disjoint Steiner Systems $S(5, 8, 24)$ and $5$-$(24,12,48)$ Designs PDF
Makoto Araya, Masaaki Harada N1
A Colorful Involution for the Generating Function for Signed Stirling Numbers of the First Kind PDF
Paul Levande N2
On the h-Vector of a Lattice Path Matroid PDF
Jay Schweig N3
Rank Three Residually Connected Geometries for $M_{22}$, Revisited PDF
Dimitri Leemans, Peter Rowley N4
A Note on the First Occurrence of Strings PDF
Ying-Chao Hung, Robert W. Chen, Alan Zame, May-Ru Chen N5
Dissimilarity Vectors of Trees are Contained in the Tropical Grassmannian PDF
Benjamin Iriarte Giraldo N6
Some Symmetric Identities involving a Sequence of Polynomials PDF
Yuan He, Wenpeng Zhang N7
On Multiplicative Magic Squares PDF
Javier Cilleruelo, Florian Luca N8
Words with Intervening Neighbours in Infinite Coxeter Groups are Reduced PDF
Henrik Eriksson, Kimmo Eriksson N9
A Note on Circuit Graphs PDF
Qing Cui N10
Another Abstraction of the Erdős-Szekeres Happy End Theorem PDF
Noga Alon, Ehsan Chiniforooshan, Vašek Chvátal, François Genest N11
Classification of ($p,q,n$)-Dipoles on Nonorientable Surfaces PDF
Yan Yang, Yanpei Liu N12
Combinatorial Proof of a Curious $q$-Binomial Coefficient Identity PDF
Victor J. W. Guo, Jiang Zeng N13
Proof of the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz over Integral Domains, in the Spirit of Kouba PDF
Peter Heinig N14
Another Characterisation of Planar Graphs PDF
C. H. C. Little, G. Sanjith N15
Traces Without Maximal Chains PDF
Ta Sheng Tan N16
A Note on Packing Chromatic Number of the Square Lattice PDF
Roman Soukal, Přemysl Holub N17
On the Number of Independent Sets in a Tree PDF
Hiu-Fai Law N18
Colored Trees and Noncommutative Symmetric Functions PDF
Matt Szczesny N19
A Simple Bijection between Binary Trees and Colored Ternary Trees PDF
Yidong Sun N20
A $q$-Analogue of Graham, Hoffman and Hosoya's Theorem PDF
Sivaramakrishnan Sivasubramanian N21
A Recurrence Relation for the "inv" Analogue of $q$-Eulerian Polynomials PDF
Chak-On Chow N22
Random Subnetworks of Random Sorting Networks PDF
Omer Angel, Alexander E. Holroyd N23
Elementary Proofs for Convolution Identities of Abel and Hagen–Rothe PDF
Wenchang Chu N24
A Generalization of Generalized Paley Graphs and New Lower Bounds for $R(3,q)$ PDF
Kang Wu, Wenlong Su, Haipeng Luo, Xiaodong Xu N25
Rainbow Matching in Edge-Colored Graphs PDF
Timothy D. LeSaulnier, Christopher Stocker, Paul S. Wenger, Douglas B. West N26
Bijection Between Bigrassmannian Permutations Maximal below a Permutation and its Essential Set PDF COMMENT
Masato Kobayashi N27
Loose Hamilton Cycles in Random 3-Uniform Hypergraphs PDF
Alan Frieze N28
A Classification of Ramanujan Unitary Cayley Graphs PDF
Andrew Droll N29
A New Approach to the Dyson Coefficients PDF
Sabrina X.M. Pang, Lun Lv N30
On Stanley's Partition Function PDF
William Y. C. Chen, Kathy Q. Ji, Albert J. W. Zhu N31
A Generalization of Combinatorial Nullstellensatz PDF
Michał Lasoń N32
Asymptotically Optimal Pairing Strategy for Tic-Tac-Toe with Numerous Directions PDF
Padmini Mukkamala, Dömötör Pálvölgyi N33
Upper and lower bounds for $F_v(4,4;5)$ PDF
Xiaodong Xu, Haipeng Luo, Zehui Shao N34
A Tight Lower Bound for Convexly Independent Subsets of the Minkowski Sums of Planar Point Sets PDF
Ondřej Bílka, Kevin Buchin, Radoslav Fulek, Masashi Kiyomi, Yoshio Okamoto, Shin-ichi Tanigawa, Csaba D. Tóth N35
The Edge-Count Criterion for Graphic Lists PDF
Garth Isaak, Douglas B. West N36
Ratio Monotonicity of Polynomials Derived from Nondecreasing Sequences PDF
William Y. C. Chen, Arthur L. B. Yang, Elaine L. F. Zhou N37


The Many Formulae for the Number of Latin Rectangles PDF
Douglas S. Stones A1

ISSN: 1077-8926