Volume 15 (2008)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

On 3-Harness Weaving: Cataloging Designs Generated by Fundamental Blocks Having Distinct Rows and Columns PDF
Shelley L. Rasmussen R1
Automated Proofs for Some Stirling Number Identities PDF
Manuel Kauers, Carsten Schneider R2
On Identifying Codes in the King Grid that are Robust Against Edge Deletions PDF
Iiro Honkala, Tero Laihonen R3
The Minor Crossing Number of Graphs with an Excluded Minor PDF
Drago Bokal, Gašper Fijavž, David R. Wood R4
Explicit Ramsey Graphs and Erdős Distance Problems over Finite Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Spaces PDF
Le Anh Vinh R5
Almost Product Evaluation of Hankel Determinants PDF
Ömer Eğecioğlu, Timothy Redmond, Charles Ryavec R6
Osculating Paths and Oscillating Tableaux PDF
Roger E. Behrend R7
Constructing Fifteen Infinite Classes of Nonregular Bipartite Integral Graphs PDF
Ligong Wang, Cornelis Hoede R8
Vector Spaces and the Petersen Graph PDF
Marcelo H. de Carvalho, C. H. C. Little R9
Algebraically Solvable Problems: Describing Polynomials as Equivalent to Explicit Solutions PDF
Uwe Schauz R10
Envy-Free Cake Divisions Cannot be Found by Finite Protocols PDF
Walter Stromquist R11
Avoiding Rainbow Induced Subgraphs in Vertex-Colorings PDF
Maria Axenovich, Ryan Martin R12
Symmetric Simplicial Pseudoline Arrangements PDF
Leah Wrenn Berman R13
Shifted Set Families, Degree Sequences, and Plethysm PDF
C. Klivans, V. Reiner R14
Transversal Lattices PDF
Joseph E. Bonin R15
Computing Parametric Rational Generating Functions with a Primal Barvinok Algorithm PDF
Matthias Köppe, Sven Verdoolaege R16
$q$-Eulerian Polynomials and Polynomials with Only Real Zeros PDF
Shi-Mei Ma, Yi Wang R17
Maximal Nontraceable Graphs with Toughness less than One PDF
Frank Bullock, Marietjie Frick, Joy Singleton, Susan van Aardt, Kieka (C.M.) Mynhardt R18
Ear Decompositions in Combed Graphs PDF
Marcelo H. de Carvalho, C. H. C. Little R19
Edit Distance and its Computation PDF
József Balogh, Ryan Martin R20
Coefficients of Functional Compositions Often Grow Smoothly PDF
Edward A. Bender, E. Rodney Canfield, L. Bruce Richmond R21
Spherical F-Tilings by Triangles and $r$-Sided Regular Polygons, $r \ge 5$ PDF
Catarina P. Avelino, Altino F. Santos R22
An Inverse Matrix Formula in the Right-Quantum Algebra PDF
Matjaž Konvalinka R23
An Anti-Ramsey Condition on Trees PDF
Michael E. Picollelli R24
Minimum Rank of Matrices Described by a Graph or Pattern over the Rational, Real and Complex Numbers PDF
Avi Berman, Shmuel Friedland, Leslie Hogben, Uriel G. Rothblum, Bryan Shader R25
Extremal Problems for $t$-Partite and $t$-Colorable Hypergraphs PDF
Dhruv Mubayi, John Talbot R26
The Maximum Piercing Number for some Classes of Convex Sets with the $(4,3)$-property PDF
Jan Kynčl, Martin Tancer R27
Graph-Based Upper Bounds for the Probability of the Union of Events PDF
Pierangela Veneziani R28
Dominating Sets of Random 2-in 2-out Directed Graphs PDF
Stephen Howe R29
Using Algebraic Properties of Minimal Idempotents for Exhaustive Computer Generation of Association Schemes PDF
K. Coolsaet, J. Degraer R30
Nonexistence of Triples of Nonisomorphic Connected Graphs with Isomorphic Connected $P_3$-graphs PDF
Xueliang Li, Yan Liu R31
On the Resilience of Long Cycles in Random Graphs PDF
Domingos Dellamonica Jr, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, Martin Marciniszyn, Angelika Steger R32
Spanning Trees with Many Leaves and Average Distance PDF
Ermelinda DeLaViña, Bill Waller R33
The 99th Fibonacci Identity PDF
Arthur T. Benjamin, Alex K. Eustis, Sean S. Plott R34
Generating Function Identities for $\zeta(2n+2), \zeta(2n+3)$ via the WZ Method PDF
Kh. Hessami Pilehrood, T. Hessami Pilehrood R35
Two Coefficients of the Dyson Product PDF
Lun Lv, Guoce Xin, Yue Zhou R36
On a Covering Problem for Equilateral Triangles PDF
Adrian Dumitrescu, Minghui Jiang R37
The Combinatorics of the Garsia-Haiman Modules for Hook Shapes PDF
Ron M. Adin, Jeffrey B. Remmel, Yuval Roichman R38
On Pattern-Avoiding Partitions PDF
Vít Jelínek, Toufik Mansour R39
Small Group Divisible Steiner Quadruple Systems PDF
Artem A. Zhuravlev, Melissa S. Keranen, Donald L. Kreher R40
Induced Trees in Triangle-Free Graphs PDF
Jiří Matoušek, Robert Šámal R41
Codes from Cubic Curves and their Extensions PDF
T. L. Alderson, A. A. Bruen R42
The IC-Indices of Complete Bipartite Graphs PDF
Chin-Lin Shiue, Hung-Lin Fu R43
Circular Chromatic Index of Generalized Blanuša Snarks PDF
Mohammad Ghebleh R44
An Elementary Proof of the Hook Formula PDF
Jason Bandlow R45
The Crossing Number of a Projective Graph is Quadratic in the Face–Width PDF
I. Gitler, P. Hliněný, J. Leaños, G. Salazar R46
On the Turán Properties of Infinite Graphs PDF
Andrzej Dudek, Vojtěch Rödl R47
The Lonely Runner with Seven Runners PDF
J. Barajas, O. Serra R48
Chromatic Graphs, Ramsey Numbers and the Flexible Atom Conjecture PDF
Jeremy F. Alm, Roger D. Maddux, Jacob Manske R49
Determining Lower Bounds for Packing Densities of Non-layered Patterns Using Weighted Templates PDF
Cathleen Battiste Presutti R50
The Map Asymptotics Constant $t_g$ PDF
Edward A. Bender, Zhicheng Gao, L. Bruce Richmond R51
A Refinement of the Formula for $k$-ary Trees and the Gould-Vandermonde's Convolution PDF COMMENT
Ricky X. F. Chen R52
Area Distribution and Scaling Function for Punctured Polygons PDF
Christoph Richard, Iwan Jensen, Anthony J. Guttmann R53
A New Family of Somos-like Recurrences PDF
Paul Heideman, Emilie Hogan R54
On the Failing Cases of the Johnson Bound for Error-Correcting Codes PDF
Wolfgang Haas R55
Completing Partial Latin Squares with Two Filled Rows and Two Filled Columns PDF
Peter Adams, Darryn Bryant, Melinda Buchanan R56
On Rainbow Connection PDF
Yair Caro, Arie Lev, Yehuda Roditty, Zsolt Tuza, Raphael Yuster R57
A Quantified Version of Bourgain's Sum-Product Estimate in ${\Bbb F}_p$ for Subsets of Incomparable Sizes PDF
M. Z. Garaev R58
On Rainbow Trees and Cycles PDF
Alan Frieze, Michael Krivelevich R59
Large Holes in Quasi-Random Graphs PDF
Joanna Polcyn R60
Major Indices and Perfect Bases for Complex Reflection Groups PDF
Robert Shwartz, Ron M. Adin, Yuval Roichman R61
The MacNeille Completion of the Poset of Partial Injective Functions PDF
Marc Fortin R62
Determinant Expressions for $q$-Harmonic Congruences and Degenerate Bernoulli Numbers PDF
Karl Dilcher R63
A Cluster Expansion Formula ($A_n$ case) PDF
Ralf Schiffler R64
Derangements and Euler's difference table for $C_\ell\wr S_n$ PDF
Hilarion L. M. Faliharimalala, Jiang Zeng R65
Van der Waerden/Schrijver-Valiant like Conjectures and Stable (aka Hyperbolic) Homogeneous Polynomials: One Theorem for all PDF
Leonid Gurvits R66
$\overline{\cal R}(3,4)=17$ PDF
Paweł Prałat R67
Graphs Associated with Codes of Covering Radius 1 and Minimum Distance 2 PDF
Joanne L. Hall R68
A Multivariate Interlace Polynomial and its Computation for Graphs of Bounded Clique-Width PDF
Bruno Courcelle R69
Biased Positional Games and Small Hypergraphs with Large Covers PDF
Michael Krivelevich, Tibor Szabó R70
On the Eulerian Enumeration of Involutions PDF
Chak-On Chow R71
Game Chromatic Number of Cartesian Product Graphs PDF
T. Bartnicki, B. Brešar, J. Grytczuk, M. Kovše, Z. Miechowicz, I. Peterin R72
The Garnir Relations for Weyl Groups of Type $C_n$ PDF
Himmet Can R73
The Lollipop Graph is Determined by its Spectrum PDF
R. Boulet, B. Jouve R74
On Growth Rates of Permutations, Set Partitions, Ordered Graphs and Other Objects PDF
Martin Klazar R75
A Combinatorial Derivation with Schröder Paths of a Determinant Representation of Laurent Biorthogonal Polynomials PDF
Shuhei Kamioka R76
On the Number of Planar Orientations with Prescribed Degrees PDF
Stefan Felsner, Florian Zickfeld R77
Asymptotically Optimal Box Packing Theorems PDF
Michael Reid R78
Unit Rectangle Visibility Graphs PDF
Alice M. Dean, Joanna A. Ellis-Monaghan, Sarah Hamilton, Greta Pangborn R79
Hurwitz Equivalence in Tuples of Generalized Quaternion Groups and Dihedral Groups PDF
Xiang-dong Hou R80
On the Doubly Refined Enumeration of Alternating Sign Matrices and Totally Symmetric Self - Complementary Plane Partitions PDF
Tiago Fonseca, Paul Zinn-Justin R81
Irregularity Strength of Regular Graphs PDF
Jakub Przybyło R82
Words with Simple Burrows-Wheeler Transforms PDF
Jamie Simpson, Simon J. Puglisi R83
Products of Factorial Schur Functions PDF
Victor Kreiman R84
Augmented Rook Boards and General Product Formulas PDF
Brian K. Miceli, Jeffrey Remmel R85
Crossings and Nestings in Tangled Diagrams PDF
William Y. C. Chen, Jing Qin, Christian M. Reidys R86
Nonexistence of Almost Moore Digraphs of Diameter Three PDF
J. Conde, J. Gimbert, J. Gonzàlez, J. M. Miret, R. Moreno R87
The $11$-element case of Frankl's conjecture PDF
Ivica Bošnjak, Petar Marković R88
Asymptotics of Coefficients of Multivariate Generating Functions: Improvements for Smooth Points PDF
Alexander Raichev, Mark C. Wilson R89
Totally Greedy Coin Sets and Greedy Obstructions PDF
L. J. Cowen, Robert Cowen, Arthur Steinberg R90
Dihedral F-Tilings of the Sphere by Equilateral and Scalene Triangles - II PDF
A. M. d'Azevedo Breda, Patrícia S. Ribeiro, Altino F. Santos R91
Counting Defective Parking Functions PDF
Peter J Cameron, Daniel Johannsen, Thomas Prellberg, Pascal Schweitzer R92
Tree-Thickness and Caterpillar-Thickness under Girth Constraints PDF
Qi Liu, Douglas B. West R93
Generating Random Elements in Finite Groups PDF
John D. Dixon R94
Construction of Minimal Bracketing Covers for Rectangles PDF
Michael Gnewuch R95
The Scattering Matrix of a Graph PDF
Hirobumi Mizuno, Iwao Sato R96
A Character on the Quasi-Symmetric Functions coming from Multiple Zeta Values PDF
Michael E. Hoffman R97
R-S Correspondence for $({\Bbb Z}_2 \times {\Bbb Z}_2) \wr S_n$ and Klein-$4$ Diagram Algebras PDF
M. Parvathi, B. Sivakumar R98
Notes on Nonrepetitive Graph Colouring PDF
János Barát, David R. Wood R99
Circular Degree Choosability PDF
Serguei Norine, Xuding Zhu R100
A Uniform Approach to Complexes arising from Forests PDF
Mario Marietti, Damiano Testa R101
New Infinite Families of Almost-Planar Crossing-Critical Graphs PDF
Petr Hliněný R102
Quartet Compatibility and the Quartet Graph PDF
Stefan Grünewald, Peter J. Humphries, Charles Semple R103
On the Discrepancy of Quasi-Progressions PDF
Sujith Vijay R104
Distribution of Segment Lengths in Genome Rearrangements PDF
Glenn Tesler R105
The Loebl–Komlós–Sós Conjecture for Trees of Diameter $5$ and for Certain Caterpillars PDF
Diana Piguet, Maya Jakobine Stein R106
Distinct Distances in Graph Drawings PDF
Paz Carmi, Vida Dujmović, Pat Morin, David R. Wood R107
Circular Digraph Walks, $k$-Balanced Strings, Lattice Paths and Chebychev Polynomials PDF
Evangelos Georgiadis, David Callan, Qing-Hu Hou R108
Tutte Polynomial, Subgraphs, Orientations and Sandpile Model: New Connections via Embeddings PDF
Olivier Bernardi R109
On the Number of Matchings in Regular Graphs PDF
S. Friedland, E. Krop, K. Markström R110
On the ${\cal S}_{n}$-Modules Generated by Partitions of a Given Shape PDF
Daniel Kane, Steven Sivek R111
Factoring $(16, 6, 2)$ Hadamard Difference Sets PDF
Chirashree Bhattacharya, Ken W. Smith R112
On Unimodality Problems in Pascal's Triangle PDF
Xun-Tuan Su, Yi Wang R113
The Number of Graphs Not Containing $K_{3,3}$ as a Minor PDF
Stefanie Gerke, Omer Giménez, Marc Noy, Andreas Weißl R114
Compression of Root Systems and the $E$-Sequence PDF
Kevin Purbhoo R115
Subsums of a Zero-sum Free Subset of an Abelian Group PDF
Weidong Gao, Yuanlin Li, Jiangtao Peng, Fang Sun R116
On Subsequence Sums of a Zero-sum Free Sequence II PDF
Weidong Gao, Yuanlin Li, Jiangtao Peng, Fang Sun R117
Saturation Numbers of Books PDF
Guantao Chen, Ralph J. Faudree, Ronald J. Gould R118
Graphs with Given Degree Sequence and Maximal Spectral Radius PDF
Türker Bıyıkoğlu, Josef Leydold R119
Laplacian Integral Graphs with Maximum Degree $3$ PDF
Steve Kirkland R120
On the Chromatic Number of Simple Triangle-Free Triple Systems PDF COMMENT
Alan Frieze, Dhruv Mubayi R121
Degree Constrained Orientations in Countable Graphs PDF
Attila Bernáth, Henning Bruhn R122
Global Alliances and Independent Domination in Some Classes of Graphs PDF
Odile Favaron R123
Star Coloring High Girth Planar Graphs PDF
Craig Timmons R124
Generalizations of Partial Difference Sets from Cyclotomy to Nonelementary Abelian $p$-Groups PDF
John Polhill R125
The Ramsey Number of Diamond-Matchings and Loose Cycles in Hypergraphs PDF
András Gyárfás, Gábor N. Sárközy, Endre Szemerédi R126
An Algorithmic Friedman–Pippenger Theorem on Tree Embeddings and Applications PDF
Domingos Dellamonica Jr, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa R127
Balancing Cyclic $R$-ary Gray Codes$\,$ II PDF
Mary Flahive R128
The Spectral Excess Theorem for Distance-Regular Graphs: A Global (Over)view PDF
Edwin R. van Dam R129
$(\ell,0)$-Carter Partitions, their Crystal-Theoretic Behavior and Generating Function PDF
Chris Berg, Monica Vazirani R130
Partitioning 3-Edge-Colored Complete Equi-Bipartite Graphs by Monochromatic Trees under a Color Degree Condition PDF
Xueliang Li, Fengxia Liu R131
Variations on Descents and Inversions in Permutations PDF
Denis Chebikin R132
Discovering Hook Length Formulas by an Expansion Technique PDF
Guo-Niu Han R133
Generalisations of the Tits Representation PDF
Daan Krammer R134
Towards the Distribution of the Size of a Largest Planar Matching and Largest Planar Subgraph in Random Bipartite Graphs PDF
Marcos Kiwi, Martin Loebl R135
Strongly Maximal Matchings in Infinite Graphs PDF
Ron Aharoni, Eli Berger, Agelos Georgakopoulos, Philipp Sprüssel R136
More Constructions for Turán's (3,4)-Conjecture PDF
Andrew Frohmader R137
Heterochromatic Matchings in Edge-Colored Graphs PDF
Guanghui Wang, Hao Li R138
New Graphs of Finite Mutation Type PDF
Harm Derksen, Theodore Owen R139
On Certain Eigenspaces of Cographs PDF
Torsten Sander R140
Universally Image Partition Regularity PDF
Dibyendu De, Ram Krishna Paul R141
Regularisation and the Mullineux Map PDF
Matthew Fayers R142
An Extremal Characterization of Projective Planes PDF
Stefaan De Winter, Felix Lazebnik, Jacques Verstraëte R143
On the First Eigenvalue of Bipartite Graphs PDF
Amitava Bhattacharya, Shmuel Friedland, Uri N. Peled R144
On the Dispersions of the Polynomial Maps over Finite Fields PDF
Uwe Schauz R145
Nonhomogeneous Parking Functions and Noncrossing Partitions PDF
Drew Armstrong, Sen-Peng Eu R146
Dihedral f-Tilings of the Sphere by Equilateral and Scalene Triangles - III PDF
A. M. d'Azevedo Breda, Patrícia S. Ribeiro, Altino F. Santos R147
A Complete Grammar for Decomposing a Family of Graphs into 3-Connected Components PDF
Guillaume Chapuy, Éric Fusy, Mihyun Kang, Bilyana Shoilekova R148
Jack Deformations of Plancherel Measures and Traceless Gaussian Random Matrices PDF
Sho Matsumoto R149
A Traceability Conjecture for Oriented Graphs PDF
Marietjie Frick, Susan A van Aardt, Jean E Dunbar, Morten H Nielsen, Ortrud R Oellermann R150
Orthogonal Systems in Vector Spaces over Finite Fields PDF
Alex Iosevich, Steven Senger R151


Small Integral Trees PDF
A. E. Brouwer N1
Random $k$-SAT: The Limiting Probability for Satisfiability for Moderately Growing $k$ PDF
Amin Coja-Oghlan, Alan Frieze N2
Extension of Strongly Regular Graphs PDF COMMENT
Ralucca Gera, Jian Shen N3
Identifying Codes of Cartesian Product of Two Cliques of the Same Size PDF
S. Gravier, J. Moncel, A. Semri N4
A Natural Series for the Natural Logarithm PDF
Oliver T. Dasbach N5
Graphs with Many Copies of a Given Subgraph PDF
Vladimir Nikiforov N6
Characterizing Cell-Decomposable Metrics PDF COMMENT
Katharina T. Huber, Jacobus Koolen, Vincent Moulton, Andreas Spillner N7
Convexly Independent Subsets of the Minkowski Sum of Planar Point Sets PDF
Friedrich Eisenbrand, János Pach, Thomas Rothvoß, Nir B. Sopher N8
Intersecting and Cross-Intersecting Families of Labeled Sets PDF
Peter Borg N9
A Note on the Component Structure in Random Intersection Graphs with Tunable Clustering PDF
Andreas N. Lagerås, Mathias Lindholm N10
Lattice Points in Minkowski Sums PDF
Christian Haase, Benjamin Nill, Andreas Paffenholz, Francisco Santos N11
A Combinatorial Proof of Andrews' Smallest Parts Partition Function PDF
Kathy Qing Ji N12
The Maximum Number of Perfect Matchings in Graphs with a Given Degree Sequence PDF
Noga Alon, Shmuel Friedland N13
How Long Can a Graph be Kept Planar? PDF
V. Anuradha, Chinmay Jain, Jack Snoeyink, Tibor Szabó N14
An Identity Generator: Basic Commutators PDF
M. Farrokhi D. G. N15
Necklace Bisection with One Cut Less than Needed PDF
Gábor Simonyi N16
Induced Paths in Twin-Free Graphs PDF
David Auger N17
A Note on Palindromic $\delta$-Vectors for Certain Rational Polytopes PDF
Matthew H. J. Fiset, Alexander M. Kasprzyk N18
A Note about Bezdek's Conjecture on Covering an Annulus by Strips PDF
Yuqin Zhang, Ren Ding N19
Bijective Proofs of Identities from Colored Binary Trees PDF
Sherry H.F. Yan N20
Generalized Descents and Normality PDF
Miklós Bóna N21
A Note on Polynomials and $f$-Factors of Graphs PDF
Hamed Shirazi, Jacques Verstraëte N22
A Sharp Bound for the Reconstruction of Partitions PDF COMMENT
Vincent Vatter N23
Unextendible Sequences in Finite Abelian Groups PDF
Jujuan Zhuang N24
Partitions and Edge Colourings of Multigraphs PDF
Alexandr V. Kostochka, Michael Stiebitz N25
Rainbow $H$-Factors of Complete $s$-Uniform $r$-Partite Hypergraphs PDF
Ailian Chen, Fuji Zhang, Hao Li N26
On the Diameter of Matroid Ports PDF
Jaume Martí-Farré, Carles Padró, Leonor Vázquez N27
The Number of 0-1-2 Increasing Trees as Two Different Evaluations of the Tutte Polynomial of a Complete Graph PDF
C. Merino N28
Evaluation of a Multiple Integral of Tefera via Properties of the Exponential Distribution PDF
Yaming Yu N29
On Base Partitions and Cover Partitions of Skew Characters PDF
Christian Gutschwager N30
Coupon Collecting with Quotas PDF
Russell May N31
On the Number of Orthogonal Systems in Vector Spaces over Finite Fields PDF
Le Anh Vinh N32
An Extremal Doubly Even Self-Dual Code of Length 112 PDF
Masaaki Harada N33
For each $\alpha > 2$ there is an Infinite Binary Word with Critical Exponent $\alpha$ PDF
James D. Currie, Narad Rampersad N34
A Note on Neighbour-Distinguishing Regular Graphs Total-Weighting PDF
Jakub Przybyło N35
Uniquely Hamiltonian Characterizations of Distance-Hereditary and Parity Graphs PDF
Terry A. McKee N36
On the Non-Existence of Certain Hyperovals in Dual André Planes of Order $2^{2h}$ PDF
Angela Aguglia, Luca Giuzzi N37
On Domination in 2-Connected Cubic Graphs PDF
B. Y. Stodolsky N38
A Note on $K_{k,k}$-Cross Free Families PDF
Andrew Suk N39
Quantitative Sum Product Estimates on Different Sets PDF
Chun-Yen Shen N40
Bordered Conjugates of Words over Large Alphabets PDF
Tero Harju, Dirk Nowotka N41
A Pairing Strategy for Tic-Tac-Toe on the Integer Lattice with Numerous Directions PDF
Klay Kruczek, Eric Sundberg N42
A Counterexample to a Conjecture of Erdős, Graham and Spencer PDF
Song Guo N43


Graphs of Morphisms of Graphs PDF
R. Brown, I. Morris, J. Shrimpton, C. D. Wensley A1

ISSN: 1077-8926