Volume 14 (2007)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Erdős-Ko-Rado-Type Theorems for Colored Sets PDF
Yu-Shuang Li, Jun Wang R1
The Initial Involution Patterns of Permutations PDF
Dongsu Kim, Jang Soo Kim R2
Recognizing Cluster Algebras of Finite Type PDF
Ahmet I. Seven R3
A Characterization for Sparse $\varepsilon$-Regular Pairs PDF
Stefanie Gerke, Angelika Steger R4
Bipartite-Uniform Hypermaps on the Sphere PDF
António Breda d'Azevedo, Rui Duarte R5
A New Method to Construct Lower Bounds for Van der Waerden Numbers PDF
P. R. Herwig, M.J.H. Heule, P. M. van Lambalgen, H. van Maaren R6
Gray-ordered Binary Necklaces PDF
Christopher Degni, Arthur A. Drisko R7
Nonabelian Groups with $(96,20,4)$ Difference Sets PDF
Omar A. AbuGhneim, Ken W. Smith R8
Bijective Counting of Tree-Rooted Maps and Shuffles of Parenthesis Systems PDF
Olivier Bernardi R9
Clusters in a Multigraph with Elevated Density PDF
Mark K. Goldberg R10
Permutations Without Long Decreasing Subsequences and Random Matrices PDF
Piotr Šniady R11
On the Genus Distribution of $(p,q,n)$-Dipoles PDF
Terry I. Visentin, Susana W. Wieler R12
Coloured Generalised Young Diagrams for Affine Weyl-Coxeter Groups PDF
R. C. King, T. A. Welsh R13
Revisiting Two Classical Results on Graph Spectra PDF
Vladimir Nikiforov R14
Combinatorial Interpretations for Rank-Two Cluster Algebras of Affine Type PDF COMMENT
Gregg Musiker, James Propp R15
Structural Properties of Twin-Free Graphs PDF
Irène Charon, Iiro Honkala, Olivier Hudry, Antoine Lobstein R16
Component Evolution in Random Intersection Graphs PDF
Michael Behrisch R17
Constructing Hypohamiltonian Snarks with Cyclic Connectivity $5$ and $6$ PDF
Edita Máčajová, Martin Škoviera R18
The Number of [Old-Time] Basketball Games with Final Score $n$:$n$ where the Home Team was Never Losing but also Never Ahead by More Than $w$ Points PDF
Arvind Ayyer, Doron Zeilberger R19
Using Determining Sets to Distinguish Kneser Graphs PDF
Michael O. Albertson, Debra L. Boutin R20
Truncations of Random Unitary Matrices and Young Tableaux PDF
J. Novak R21
A Two Parameter Chromatic Symmetric Function PDF
Ellison-Anne Williams R22
The $m$-Colored Composition Poset PDF
Brian Drake, T. Kyle Petersen R23
Statistics on the Multi-Colored Permutation Groups PDF
Eli Bagno, Ayelet Butman, David Garber R24
Intersecting Families in the Alternating Group and Direct Product of Symmetric Groups PDF
Cheng Yeaw Ku, Tony W. H. Wong R25
Game List Colouring of Graphs PDF
M. Borowiecki, E. Sidorowicz, Zs. Tuza R26
Lower Bounds for the Football Pool Problem for 7 and 8 Matches PDF
Wolfgang Haas R27
A Bijection on Dyck Paths and its Cycle Structure PDF
David Callan R28
Distinguishability of Locally Finite Trees PDF
Mark E. Watkins, Xiangqian Zhou R29
An Analogue of the Thue-Morse Sequence PDF
Emmanuel Ferrand R30
Balancing Cyclic $R$-ary Gray Codes PDF
Mary Flahive, Bella Bose R31
Which Chessboards have a Closed Knight's Tour within the Cube? PDF
Joe DeMaio R32
A Characterization of Balanced Episturmian Sequences PDF
Geneviève Paquin, Laurent Vuillon R33
Longest Alternating Subsequences in Pattern-Restricted Permutations PDF
Ghassan Firro, Toufik Mansour, Mark C. Wilson R34
Distance Domination and Distance Irredundance in Graphs PDF
Adriana Hansberg, Dirk Meierling, Lutz Volkmann R35
Distinguishing Infinite Graphs PDF
Wilfried Imrich, Sandi Klavžar, Vladimir Trofimov R36
A Combinatorial Representation with Schröder Paths of Biorthogonality of Laurent Biorthogonal Polynomials PDF
Shuhei Kamioka R37
The Spectral Radius and the Maximum Degree of Irregular Graphs PDF
Sebastian M. Cioabă R38
The Universal Embedding of the Near Polygon ${\Bbb G}_n$ PDF
Bart De Bruyn R39
The Tripartite Separability of Density Matrices of Graphs PDF
Zhen Wang, Zhixi Wang R40
Intersecting Systems of Signed Sets PDF
Peter Borg R41
Non-Commutative Sylvester's Determinantal Identity PDF
Matjaž Konvalinka R42
On Certain Integral Schreier Graphs of the Symmetric Group PDF
Paul E. Gunnells, Richard A. Scott, Byron L. Walden R43
Information Flows, Graphs and their Guessing Numbers PDF
Søren Riis R44
Some Properties of Unitary Cayley Graphs PDF
Walter Klotz, Torsten Sander R45
Wreath Products of Permutation Classes PDF
Robert Brignall R46
Arranging Numbers on Circles to Reach Maximum Total Variations PDF
Ying-Jie Liao, Min-Zheng Shieh, Shi-Chun Tsai R47
Tilings of the sphere with right triangles III: the asymptotically obtuse families PDF
Robert J. MacG. Dawson, Blair Doyle R48
Robinson-Schensted Correspondence for the Signed Brauer Algebras PDF
M. Parvathi, A. Tamilselvi R49
Reversal Distance for Strings with Duplicates: Linear Time Approximation using Hitting Set PDF
Petr Kolman, Tomasz Waleń R50
On Mixed Codes with Covering Radius $1$ and Minimum Distance $2$ PDF
Wolfgang Haas, Jörn Quistorff R51
On Subsequence Sums of a Zero-sum Free Sequence PDF
Fang Sun R52
Two Color Off-diagonal Rado-type Numbers PDF
Kellen Myers, Aaron Robertson R53
Generating Symplectic and Hermitian Dual Polar Spaces over Arbitrary Fields Nonisomorphic to ${\Bbb F}_2$ PDF
Bart De Bruyn, Antonio Pasini R54
Developing New Locality Results for the Prüfer Code using a Remarkable Linear-Time Decoding Algorithm PDF
Tim Paulden, David K. Smith R55
Shape-Wilf-Ordering on Permutations of Length 3 PDF
Zvezdelina Stankova R56
A Closed Formula for the Number of Convex Permutominoes PDF
Filippo Disanto, Andrea Frosini, Renzo Pinzani, Simone Rinaldi R57
Matrix Partitions with Finitely Many Obstructions PDF
Tomás Feder, Pavol Hell, Wing Xie R58
Maximal Projective Degrees for Strict Partitions PDF
D. Bernstein, A. Henke, A. Regev R59
Hereditary Properties of Tournaments PDF
József Balogh, Béla Bollobás, Robert Morris R60
Explicit Enumeration of Triangulations with Multiple Boundaries PDF
Maxim Krikun R61
On Self-Complementary Cyclic Packing of Forests PDF
A.Paweł Wojda, Mariusz Woźniak, Irmina A. Zioło R62
Using Lovász Local Lemma in the Space of Random Injections PDF
Linyuan Lu, László Székely R63
Asymptotics of the Average Height of $2$–Watermelons with a Wall PDF
Markus Fulmek R64
A New Upper Bound on the Total Domination Number of a Graph PDF
Michael A. Henning, Anders Yeo R65
Enumeration and Asymptotic Properties of Unlabeled Outerplanar Graphs PDF
Manuel Bodirsky, Éric Fusy, Mihyun Kang, Stefan Vigerske R66
Edge-Bandwidth of the Triangular Grid PDF
Reza Akhtar, Tao Jiang, Dan Pritikin R67
On the Number of Genus One Labeled Circle Trees PDF
Karola Mészáros R68
Compact Hyperbolic Coxeter $n$-Polytopes with $n+3$ Facets PDF
Pavel Tumarkin R69
Existentially Closed BIBD Block-Intersection Graphs PDF
Neil A. McKay, David A. Pike R70
Directed Animals and Gas Models Revisited PDF
Yvan Le Borgne, Jean-François Marckert R71
Unbounded Regions of Infinitely Logconcave Sequences PDF
David Uminsky, Karen Yeats R72
Maximum Cardinality 1-Restricted Simple 2-Matchings PDF
David Hartvigsen R73
Extremal Subsets of $\{1,...,n\}$ Avoiding Solutions to Linear Equations in Three Variables PDF
Peter Hegarty R74
On Small Dense Sets in Galois Planes PDF
M. Giulietti R75
The Cluster Basis of ${\Bbb Z}[x_{1,1},\dots, x_{3,3}]$ PDF
Mark Skandera R76
Color Neighborhood Union Conditions for Long Heterochromatic Paths in Edge-Colored Graphs PDF
He Chen, Xueliang Li R77
Matroid Automorphisms of the $F_4$ Root System PDF
Stephanie Fried, Aydin Gerek, Gary Gordon, Andrija Peruničić R78
Small Forbidden Configurations III PDF
R. P. Anstee, N. Kamoosi R79
Flexibility of Embeddings of Bouquets of Circles on the Projective Plane and Klein Bottle PDF
Yan Yang, Yanpei Liu R80
On the Quantum Chromatic Number of a Graph PDF
Peter J. Cameron, Ashley Montanaro, Michael W. Newman, Simone Severini, Andreas Winter R81
On the Spectrum of the Derangement Graph PDF
Paul Renteln R82
Higher Spin Alternating Sign Matrices PDF
Roger E. Behrend, Vincent A. Knight R83


Maximum Matchings in Regular Graphs of High Girth PDF
Abraham D. Flaxman, Shlomo Hoory N1
Bartholdi Zeta Functions for Hypergraphs PDF
Iwao SATO N2
The Lower Tail of the Random Minimum Spanning Tree PDF
Abraham D. Flaxman N3
Semicanonical Basis Generators of the Cluster Algebra of Type $A_1^{(1)}$ PDF
Andrei Zelevinsky N4
Apéry's Double Sum is Plain Sailing Indeed PDF
Carsten Schneider N5
Transversal and Cotransversal Matroids via their Representations PDF
Federico Ardila N6
Unification of the Quintuple and Septuple Product Identities PDF
Wenchang Chu, Qinglun Yan N7
Perfect Dominating Sets in the Cartesian Products of Prime Cycles PDF
Hamed Hatami, Pooya Hatami N8
Connectivity of the Lifts of a Greedoid PDF
Steven J. Tedford N9
A Short Proof of a Theorem of Kano and Yu on Factors in Regular Graphs PDF
Lutz Volkmann N10
A Bound for Size Ramsey Numbers of Multi-partite Graphs PDF
Yuqin Sun, Yusheng Li N11
Nonexistence of Permutation Binomials of Certain Shapes PDF
Ariane M. Masuda, Michael E. Zieve N12
New Optimal Constant Weight Codes PDF
I. Gashkov, D. Taub N13
Eigenvectors and Reconstruction PDF
Hongyu He N14
Compositions of Graphs Revisited PDF
Aminul Huq N15
A Conjecture of Stanley on Alternating Permutations PDF
Robin Chapman, Lauren K. Williams N16
A Note on The Rogers-Fine Identity PDF
Jian-Ping Fang N17
Graphs with Chromatic Roots in the Interval $(1,2)$ PDF
Gordon F. Royle N18
On Directed Triangles in Digraphs PDF
Peter Hamburger, Penny Haxell, Alexandr Kostochka N19
The Spectral Radius of Subgraphs of Regular Graphs PDF
Vladimir Nikiforov N20
Regular Spanning Subgraphs of Bipartite Graphs of High Minimum Degree PDF
Béla Csaba N21
The Borodin-Kostochka Conjecture for Graphs Containing a Doubly Critical Edge PDF
Landon Rabern N22
A Note on a Problem of Hilliker and Straus PDF
Mirosława Jańczak N23
The Skew and Relative Derangements of Type $B$ PDF
William Y.C. Chen, Jessica C.Y. Zhang N24
New Infinite Families of $3$-Designs from Algebraic Curves of Higher Genus over Finite Fields PDF
Byeong-Kweon Oh, Hoseog Yu N25

ISSN: 1077-8926