Volume 13 (2006)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Combinatorics of Partial Derivatives PDF
Michael Hardy R1
A Combinatorial Approach to Evaluation of Reliability of the Receiver Output for BPSK Modulation with Spatial Diversity PDF
S. Bliudze, D. Krob R2
Bounded-Degree Graphs have Arbitrarily Large Geometric Thickness PDF
János Barát, Jiří Matoušek, David R. Wood R3
Inversions Within Restricted Fillings of Young Tableaux PDF
Sarah Iveson R4
Discrepancy of Sums of Three Arithmetic Progressions PDF
Aleš Přívětivý R5
Adding Layers to Bumped-Body Polyforms with Minimum Perimeter Preserves Minimum Perimeter PDF
Winston C. Yang R6
More Forbidden Minors for Wye-Delta-Wye Reducibility PDF
Yaming Yu R7
Descendants in Increasing Trees PDF
Markus Kuba, Alois Panholzer R8
The Linear Complexity of a Graph PDF
David L. Neel, Michael E. Orrison R9
A Few More Cyclic Steiner 2-Designs PDF
Kejun Chen, Ruizhong Wei R10
On Computing the Distinguishing Numbers of Trees and Forests PDF
Christine T. Cheng R11
Sets of Points Determining Only Acute Angles and Some Related Colouring Problems PDF
David Bevan R12
Rainbow $H$-factors PDF
Raphael Yuster R13
New Upper Bound for a Class of Vertex Folkman Numbers PDF
N. Kolev, N. Nenov R14
Tilings by Translation: Enumeration by a Rational Language Approach PDF
Srecko Brlek, Andrea Frosini, Simone Rinaldi, Laurent Vuillon R15
The Distinguishing Chromatic Number PDF
Karen L. Collins, Ann N. Trenk R16
Combinatorics of the Free Baxter Algebra PDF
Marcelo Aguiar, Walter Moreira R17
Lyndon Words and Transition Matrices between Elementary, Homogeneous and Monomial Symmetric Functions PDF
Andrius Kulikauskas, Jeffrey Remmel R18
$H$-Free Graphs of Large Minimum Degree PDF
Noga Alon, Benny Sudakov R19
Orthogonal Art Galleries with Holes: A Coloring Proof of Aggarwal's Theorem PDF
Paweł Żyliński R20
Covering Codes for Hats-on-a-line PDF
Sarang Aravamuthan, Sachin Lodha R21
A Permutation Regularity Lemma PDF
Joshua N. Cooper R22
Counting $d$-Polytopes with $d+3$ Vertices PDF
Éric Fusy R23
Some Plethysm Results related to Foulkes' Conjecture PDF
Steven Sivek R24
On the Limiting Distribution for the Length of the Longest Alternating Sequence in a Random Permutation PDF
Harold Widom R25
Meta-Fibonacci Sequences, Binary Trees and Extremal Compact Codes PDF
Brad Jackson, Frank Ruskey R26
Some Results on Odd Astral Configurations PDF
Leah Wrenn Berman R27
Monochromatic and Zero-Sum Sets of Nondecreasing Modified Diameter PDF
David Grynkiewicz, Rasheed Sabar R28
Constructive Upper Bounds for Cycle-Saturated Graphs of Minimum Size PDF
Ronald Gould, Tomasz Łuczak, John Schmitt R29
A Note on Domino Shuffling PDF
É. Janvresse, T. de la Rue, Y. Velenik R30
Completion of the Wilf-Classification of 3-5 Pairs Using Generating Trees PDF
Mark Lipson R31
The Strongly Regular $(45,12,3,3)$ Graphs PDF
Kris Coolsaet, Jan Degraer, Edward Spence R32
Distribution of Crossings, Nestings and Alignments of Two Edges in Matchings and Partitions PDF
Anisse Kasraoui, Jiang Zeng R33
A Matrix Representation of Graphs and its Spectrum as a Graph Invariant PDF
David Emms, Edwin R. Hancock, Simone Severini, Richard C. Wilson R34
Optimal Penney Ante Strategy via Correlation Polynomial Identities PDF
Daniel Felix R35
On Subgraphs Induced by Transversals in Vertex-Partitions of Graphs PDF
Maria Axenovich R36
A Gessel–Viennot-Type Method for Cycle Systems in a Directed Graph PDF
Christopher R. H. Hanusa R37
Tensorial Square of the Hyperoctahedral Group Coinvariant Space PDF
François Bergeron, Riccardo Biagioli R38
Kernels of Directed Graph Laplacians PDF
J. S. Caughman, J. J. P. Veerman R39
Discrepancy of Symmetric Products of Hypergraphs PDF
Benjamin Doerr, Michael Gnewuch, Nils Hebbinghaus R40
Equitable Matroids PDF
Dillon Mayhew R41
A New Statistic on Linear and Circular $r$-Mino Arrangements PDF
Mark A. Shattuck, Carl G. Wagner R42
Optimal Four-Dimensional Codes over GF(8) PDF
Chris Jones, Angela Matney, Harold Ward R43
Bounding the Number of Edges in Permutation Graphs PDF
Peter Keevash, Po-Shen Loh, Benny Sudakov R44
Domino Fibonacci Tableaux PDF
Naiomi Cameron, Kendra Killpatrick R45
The Polytope of Degree Partitions PDF
Amitava Bhattacharya, S. Sivasubramanian, Murali K. Srinivasan R46
Latin Squares with Forbidden Entries PDF
Jonathan Cutler, Lars-Daniel Öhman R47
Tilings of the Sphere with Right Triangles I: The Asymptotically Right Families PDF
Robert J. MacG. Dawson, Blair Doyle R48
Tilings of the Sphere with Right Triangles II: The $(1,3,2)$, $(0,2,n)$ Subfamily PDF
Robert J. MacG. Dawson, Blair Doyle R49
$3$-Designs from PGL$(2,q)$ PDF
P. J. Cameron, G. R. Omidi, B. Tayfeh-Rezaie R50
Three-Letter-Pattern Avoiding Permutations and Functional Equations PDF
Ghassan Firro, Toufik Mansour R51
Two Finite Forms of Watson's Quintuple Product Identity and Matrix Inversion PDF
X. Ma R52
The Generating Function of Ternary Trees and Continued Fractions PDF
Ira M. Gessel, Guoce Xin R53
Grid Classes and the Fibonacci Dichotomy for Restricted Permutations PDF
Sophie Huczynska, Vincent Vatter R54
On Some Ramsey and Turán-Type Numbers for Paths and Cycles PDF
Tomasz Dzido, Marek Kubale, Konrad Piwakowski R55
Jamming and Geometric Representations of Graphs PDF
Werner Krauth, Martin Loebl R56
Reduced Canonical Forms of Stoppers PDF
Aaron N. Siegel R57
The Minimum Size of Complete Caps in $({\Bbb Z}/n{\Bbb Z})^2$ PDF
Jack Huizenga R58
Total Domination and Matching Numbers in Claw-Free Graphs PDF
Michael A. Henning, Anders Yeo R59
Relaxations of Ore's Condition on Cycles PDF
Ahmed Ainouche R60
Colorings and Orientations of Matrices and Graphs PDF
Uwe Schauz R61
Generalized Cauchy identities, trees and multidimensional Brownian motions. Part I: bijective proof of generalized Cauchy identities PDF
Piotr Šniady R62
Counting Rooted Trees: The Universal Law $t(n)\,\sim\,C \rho^{-n} n^{-3/2}$ PDF
Jason P. Bell, Stanley N. Burris, Karen A. Yeats R63
Classifying Descents According to Equivalence mod k PDF
Sergey Kitaev, Jeffrey Remmel R64
The Number of Permutation Binomials over ${\Bbb F}_{4p+1}$ where $p$ and $4p+1$ are Primes PDF
A. Masuda, D. Panario, Q. Wang R65
Permutation Reconstruction from Minors PDF
Mariana Raykova R66
Hard Squares with Negative Activity and Rhombus Tilings of the Plane PDF
Jakob Jonsson R67
Permutations Generated by a Stack of Depth 2 and an Infinite Stack in Series PDF
Murray Elder R68
On Oriented Arc-Coloring of Subcubic Graphs PDF
Alexandre Pinlou R69
The Maximum Distinguishing Number of a Group PDF
Melody Chan R70
Factorial Grothendieck Polynomials PDF
Peter J. McNamara R71
Bounding the Partition Function of Spin-Systems PDF
David J. Galvin R72
Drawing a Graph in a Hypercube PDF
David R. Wood R73
Fractional Biclique Covers and Partitions of Graphs PDF
Valerie L. Watts R74
Grothendieck Bialgebras, Partition Lattices, and Symmetric Functions in Noncommutative Variables PDF
N. Bergeron, C. Hohlweg, M. Rosas, M. Zabrocki R75
The Valuations of the Near Octagon ${\Bbb I}_4$ PDF
Bart De Bruyn, Pieter Vandecasteele R76
Neighbour$\,$–$\,$Distinguishing Edge Colourings of Random Regular Graphs PDF
Catherine Greenhill, Andrzej Ruciński R77
Identifying Graph Automorphisms Using Determining Sets PDF
Debra L. Boutin R78
Cubic Partial Cubes from Simplicial Arrangements PDF
David Eppstein R79
Shift-Induced Dynamical Systems on Partitions and Compositions PDF
Brian Hopkins, Michael A. Jones R80
Encores on Cores PDF
Julie Cain, Nicholas Wormald R81
Binary Words Containing Infinitely Many Overlaps PDF
James Currie, Narad Rampersad, Jeffrey Shallit R82
Identifying $X$-Trees with Few Characters PDF
Magnus Bordewich, Charles Semple, Mike Steel R83
The Zeta Function of a Hypergraph PDF
Christopher K. Storm R84
Asymptotics for Incidence Matrix Classes PDF
Peter Cameron, Thomas Prellberg, Dudley Stark R85
Double Crystals of Binary and Integral Matrices PDF COMMENT
Marc A. A. van Leeuwen R86
Plethysm for Wreath Products and Homology of Sub-Posets of Dowling Lattices PDF
Anthony Henderson R87
New Regular Partial Difference Sets and Strongly Regular Graphs with Parameters (96,20,4,4) and (96,19,2,4) PDF
Anka Golemac, Joško Mandić, Tanja Vučičić R88
Matchings Avoiding Partial Patterns and Lattice Paths PDF
Vít Jelínek, Nelson Y. Li, Toufik Mansour, Sherry H. F. Yan R89
Characterization of $[1,k]$-Bar Visibility Trees PDF
Guantao Chen, Joan P. Hutchinson, Ken Keating, Jian Shen R90
Weighted Zeta Functions of Graph Coverings PDF
Iwao Sato R91
Edge-Magic Group Labellings of Countable Graphs PDF
Nicholas Cavenagh, Diana Combe, Adrian M. Nelson R92
Restricted Walks in Regular Trees PDF
Laura Ciobanu, Saša Radomirović R93
Nilpotent Singer Groups PDF
Nick Gill R94
Perfect Matching Preservers PDF
Richard A. Brualdi, Martin Loebl, Ondřej Pangrác R95
Parity Versions of 2-Connectedness PDF
C. Little, A. Vince R96
Total 4-Choosability of Series-Parallel Graphs PDF
Douglas R. Woodall R97
Edge and Total Choosability of Near-Outerplanar Graphs PDF
Timothy J. Hetherington, Douglas R. Woodall R98
A Quantitative Ergodic Theory Proof of Szemerédi's Theorem PDF
Terence Tao R99
Shift Equivalence of P-finite Sequences PDF
Manuel Kauers R100
From Well-Quasi-Ordered Sets to Better-Quasi-Ordered Sets PDF
Maurice Pouzet, Norbert Sauer R101
On a Balanced Property of Derangements PDF
Miklós Bóna R102
A Hybrid of Darboux's Method and Singularity Analysis in Combinatorial Asymptotics PDF
Philippe Flajolet, Eric Fusy, Xavier Gourdon, Daniel Panario, Nicolas Pouyanne R103
Movable $(n_{4})$ Configurations PDF
Leah Wrenn Berman R104
On Lengths of Rainbow Cycles PDF
Boris Alexeev R105
Hayman Admissible Functions in Several Variables PDF
Bernhard Gittenberger, Johannes Mandlburger R106
Cycle Lengths in a Permutation are Typically Poisson PDF
Andrew Granville R107
A Combinatorial Derivation of the PASEP Stationary State PDF
Richard Brak, Sylvie Corteel, John Essam, Robert Parviainen, Andrew Rechnitzer R108
Constructions of Representations of Rank Two Semisimple Lie Algebras with Distributive Lattices PDF
L. Wyatt Alverson II, Robert G. Donnelly, Scott J. Lewis, Robert Pervine R109
Proof of the Razumov–Stroganov Conjecture for some Infinite Families of Link Patterns PDF
P. Zinn-Justin R110
Permutations, Cycles and the Pattern 2–13 PDF
Robert Parviainen R111
Matchings Avoiding Partial Patterns PDF
William Y. C. Chen, Toufik Mansour, Sherry H. F. Yan R112


Bounded-Degree Graphs can have Arbitrarily Large Slope Numbers PDF
János Pach, Dömötör Pálvölgyi N1
The Non-Crossing Graph PDF
Nathan Linial, Michael Saks, David Statter N2
A Note on the Number of Hamiltonian Paths in Strong Tournaments PDF
Arthur H. Busch N3
The Diameter and Laplacian Eigenvalues of Directed Graphs PDF
Fan Chung N4
Chains, Subwords, and Fillings: Strong Equivalence of Three Definitions of the Bruhat Order PDF
Catalin Zara N5
Proof of an Intersection Theorem via Graph Homomorphisms PDF
Irit Dinur, Ehud Friedgut N6
Dynamic Single-Pile Nim Using Multiple Bases PDF
Arthur Holshouser, Harold Reiter N7
On the Number of Possible Row and Column Sums of 0,1-Matrices PDF
Daniel Goldstein, Richard Stong N8
An Addition Theorem on the Cyclic Group ${\Bbb Z}_{p^\alpha q^\beta}$ PDF
Hui-Qin Cao N9
A Point in Many Triangles PDF
Boris Bukh N10
Permutation Reconstruction PDF
Rebecca Smith N11
Noncrossing Trees and Noncrossing Graphs PDF
William Y. C. Chen, Sherry H. F. Yan N12
The Absence of Efficient Dual Pairs of Spanning Trees in Planar Graphs PDF
T. R. Riley, W. P. Thurston N13
On an Identity for the Cycle Indices of Rooted Tree Automorphism Groups PDF
Stephan G. Wagner N14
An Ehrhart Series Formula For Reflexive Polytopes PDF
Benjamin Braun N15
On the Proof of a Theorem of Pálfy PDF
Edward Dobson N16
The Induced Subgraph Order on Unlabelled Graphs PDF
Craig A. Sloss N17
BG-Ranks and 2-Cores PDF
William Y. C. Chen, Kathy Q. Ji, Herbert S. Wilf N18
Parameter Augmentation for Two Formulas PDF
Caihuan Zhang N19
The Circular Chromatic Index of Flower Snarks PDF
Mohammad Ghebleh, Daniel Král', Serguei Norine, Robin Thomas N20
On the Symmetry of the Distribution of $k$-Crossings and $k$-Nestings in Graphs PDF
Anna de Mier N21
A Note on Exponents vs Root Heights for Complex Simple Lie Algebras PDF
Sankaran Viswanath N22


A Survey on Packing and Covering Problems in the Hamming Permutation Space PDF
Jörn Quistorff A1
A New Table of Constant Weight Codes of Length Greater than 28 PDF
D. H. Smith, L. A. Hughes, S. Perkins A2

ISSN: 1077-8926