Volume 12 (2005)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Sequentially Perfect and Uniform One-Factorizations of the Complete Graph PDF
Jeffrey H. Dinitz, Peter Dukes, Douglas R. Stinson R1
One-Factorizations of Regular Graphs of Order 12 PDF
Petteri Kaski, Patric R. J. Östergård R2
Optimal Decision Trees on Simplicial Complexes PDF
Jakob Jonsson R3
A Two-Dimensional Pictorial Presentation of Berele's Insertion Algorithm for Symplectic Tableaux PDF
Tom Roby, Itaru Terada R4
$k$-Colour Partitions of Acyclic Tournaments PDF
Paulo Barcia, J. Orestes Cerdeira R5
Around the Razumov–Stroganov Conjecture: Proof of a Multi-Parameter Sum Rule PDF
P. Di Francesco, P. Zinn-Justin R6
$(-1)$–Enumeration of Self–Complementary Plane Partitions PDF
Theresia Eisenkölbl R7
The Edmonds-Gallai Decomposition for the $k$-Piece Packing Problem PDF
Marek Janata, Martin Loebl, Jácint Szabó R8
Conjectured Statistics for the Higher $q,t$-Catalan Sequences PDF
Nicholas A. Loehr R9
Spin-Preserving Knuth Correspondences for Ribbon Tableaux PDF
Marc A. A. van Leeuwen R10
Counting Set Systems by Weight PDF
Martin Klazar R11
Generating Function for $K$-Restricted Jagged Partitions PDF
J.-F. Fortin, P. Jacob, P. Mathieu R12
Construction of Codes Identifying Sets of Vertices PDF
Sylvain Gravier, Julien Moncel R13
Subsequence Containment by Involutions PDF
Aaron D. Jaggard R14
Trees and Reflection Groups PDF
Humberto Luiz Talpo, Marcelo Firer R15
Counting peaks and valleys in $k$-colored Motzkin paths PDF
A. Sapounakis, P. Tsikouras R16
Splitting Numbers of Grids PDF
Dwight Duffus, Bill Sands R17
A Simple Proof of the Aztec Diamond Theorem PDF
Sen-Peng Eu, Tung-Shan Fu R18
The Structure of Maximum Subsets of $\{1,\ldots,n\}$ with No Solutions to $a+b = kc$ PDF
Andreas Baltz, Peter Hegarty, Jonas Knape, Urban Larsson, Tomasz Schoen R19
Ramsey ($K_{1,2},K_3$)-Minimal Graphs PDF
M. Borowiecki, I. Schiermeyer, E. Sidorowicz R20
The Combinatorics of Orbital Varieties Closures of Nilpotent Order 2 in sl${}_n$ PDF
Anna Melnikov R21
Atomic Latin Squares based on Cyclotomic Orthomorphisms PDF COMMENT
Ian M. Wanless R22
Random Orders and Gambler's Ruin PDF
Andreas Blass, Gábor Braun R23
How Different Can Two Intersecting Families Be? PDF
Balázs Patkós R24
Wilf Classes of Pairs of Permutations of Length 4 PDF
Ian Le R25
The Hook Fusion Procedure PDF
James Grime R26
Faster Algorithms for Frobenius Numbers PDF
Dale Beihoffer, Jemimah Hendry, Albert Nijenhuis, Stan Wagon R27
On the Kronecker Product $s_{(n-p,p)}\ast s_{\lambda}$ PDF
C. M. Ballantine, R. C. Orellana R28
Asymptotic Enumeration of Dense 0-1 Matrices with Equal Row Sums and Equal Column Sums PDF
E. Rodney Canfield, Brendan D. McKay R29
A Triple Lacunary Generating Function for Hermite Polynomials PDF
Ira M. Gessel, Pallavi Jayawant R30
Sorting Classes PDF
M. H. Albert, R. E. L. Aldred, M. D. Atkinson, C. C. Handley, D. A. Holton, D. J. McCaughan R31
Lower Bound for the Size of Maximal Nontraceable Graphs PDF
Marietjie Frick, Joy Singleton R32
Long Heterochromatic Paths in Edge-Colored Graphs PDF
He Chen, Xueliang Li R33
Computing the Period of an Ehrhart Quasi-Polynomial PDF
Kevin Woods R34
A Determinant Identity that Implies Rogers-Ramanujan PDF
Kristina C. Garrett R35
Indecomposable Tilings of the Integers with Exponentially Long Periods PDF
John P. Steinberger R36
Packing Unit Squares in a Rectangle PDF
Hiroshi Nagamochi R37
$q$-Identities Related to Overpartitions and Divisor Functions PDF
Amy M. Fu, Alain Lascoux R38
Counting Segmented Permutations Using Bicoloured Dyck Paths PDF
Anders Claesson R39
Erdős-Ko-Rado theorems for uniform set-partition systems PDF
Karen Meagher, Lucia Moura R40
Sets in the Plane with Many Concyclic Subsets PDF
R. H. Jeurissen R41
Steiner Triple Systems and Existentially Closed Graphs PDF
A. D. Forbes, M. J. Grannell, T. S. Griggs R42
A Solution of Two-Person Single-Suit Whist PDF
Johan Wästlund R43
Two-Person Symmetric Whist PDF
Johan Wästlund R44
A Relationship between the Major Index for Tableaux and the Charge Statistic for Permutations PDF
Kendra Killpatrick R45
$\omega$-Periodic Graphs PDF
Itai Benjamini, Christopher Hoffman R46
The Insertion Encoding of Permutations PDF
Michael H. Albert, Steve Linton, Nik Ruškuc R47
An Asymptotic Result for the Path Partition Conjecture PDF
Marietjie Frick, Ingo Schiermeyer R48
Decompositions of Graphs into 5-Cycles and Other Small Graphs PDF
Teresa Sousa R49
Minimum Common String Partition Problem: Hardness and Approximations PDF
Avraham Goldstein, Petr Kolman, Jie Zheng R50
Discrepancy Games PDF
Noga Alon, Michael Krivelevich, Joel Spencer, Tibor Szabó R51
Longest Induced Cycles in Circulant Graphs PDF
Elena D. Fuchs R52
The Generalized Schröder Theory PDF
Chunwei Song R53
Bounds for the Average $L^p$-Extreme and the $L^\infty$-Extreme Discrepancy PDF
Michael Gnewuch R54
Packing and Covering a Unit Equilateral Triangle with Equilateral Triangles PDF
Yuqin Zhang, Yonghui Fan R55
Asymptotics of Generating the Symmetric and Alternating Groups PDF
John D. Dixon R56
Locally Restricted Compositions I. Restricted Adjacent Differences PDF
Edward A. Bender, E. Rodney Canfield R57
Some Cyclic Solutions to the Three Table Oberwolfach Problem PDF
M. A. Ollis R58
Combinatorics of Singly-Repairable Families PDF
Eugene M. Luks, Amitabha Roy R59
Pattern Avoidance Classes and Subpermutations PDF
M. D. Atkinson, M. M. Murphy, N. Ruškuc R60
A Note on Three Types of Quasisymmetric Functions PDF
T. Kyle Petersen R61
An Introduction to $q$-Species PDF
Kent E. Morrison R62
Kocay's Lemma, Whitney's Theorem, and some Polynomial Invariant Reconstruction Problems PDF
Bhalchandra D. Thatte R63
Even Bonds of Prescribed Directed Parity PDF
Sven Hartmann, C.H.C. Little R64
Perfect Codes in Cartesian Products of 2-Paths and Infinite Paths PDF
Paul Dorbec, Michel Mollard R65
Sunflowers in Lattices PDF
Geoffrey McKenna R66
Isomorphism Classes of Maximal Intersecting Uniform Families Are Few PDF COMMENT
Geoffrey McKenna R67
5-sparse Steiner Triple Systems of Order $n$ Exist for Almost All Admissible $n$ PDF
Adam Wolfe R68
Degree Sequences of $F$-Free Graphs PDF
Oleg Pikhurko, Anusch Taraz R69
Permanents of Hessenberg (0,1)-matrices PDF
D. D. Olesky, Bryan Shader, P. van den Driessche R70


A Partition of Connected Graphs PDF
Gus Wiseman N1
A Combinatorial Proof of a Symmetric $q$-Pfaff-Saalschütz Identity PDF
Victor J. W. Guo, Jiang Zeng N2
A Note on an Identity of Andrews PDF COMMENT
Zhizheng Zhang N3
Chain Polynomials of Distributive Lattices are 75% Unimodal PDF
Anders Björner, Jonathan David Farley N4
A Note on Graphs Without Short Even Cycles PDF
Thomas Lam, Jacques Verstraëte N5
Extending Arcs: An Elementary Proof PDF
T. Alderson N6
Integer Partitions with Fixed Subsums PDF
Yu. Yakubovich N7
Rank–Three Matroids are Rayleigh PDF
David G. Wagner N8
A Pfaffian–Hafnian Analogue of Borchardt's Identity PDF
Masao Ishikawa, Hiroyuki Kawamuko, Soichi Okada N9
Parity Theorems for Statistics on Domino Arrangements PDF
Mark A. Shattuck, Carl G. Wagner N10
The Turán Problem for Hypergraphs of Fixed Size PDF
Peter Keevash N11
Vizing-like Conjecture for the Upper Domination of Cartesian Products of Graphs – The Proof PDF
Boštjan Brešar N12
New Lower Bound for Multicolor Ramsey Numbers for Even Cycles PDF
Tomasz Dzido, Andrzej Nowik, Piotr Szuca N13
A Note on Two Multicolor Ramsey Numbers PDF
Alexander Engström N14
Triangulations and the Hajós Conjecture PDF
Bojan Mohar N15
Une Base Symétrique de l'Algèbre des Coinvariants Quasi-Symétriques PDF
Frédéric Chapoton N16
Distinguishing Cartesian Powers of Graphs PDF
Michael O. Albertson N17
The Intersection Structure of $t$-Intersecting Families PDF
John Talbot N18
A Simple Proof for the Existence of Exponentially Balanced Gray Codes PDF
I Nengah Suparta N19
A Sperner-Type Theorem for Set-Partition Systems PDF
Karen Meagher, Lucia Moura, Brett Stevens N20
The Sum of Degrees in Cliques PDF
Béla Bollobás, Vladimir Nikiforov N21
The Cover Pebbling Theorem PDF
Jonas Sjöstrand N22
Pan-Factorial Property in Regular Graphs PDF
M. Kano, Qinglin Yu N23

ISSN: 1077-8926