Volume 11, Issue 1 (2004)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

On Rainbow Arithmetic Progressions PDF
Maria Axenovich, Dmitri Fon-Der-Flaass R1
Venn Diagrams and Symmetric Chain Decompositions in the Boolean Lattice PDF
Jerrold Griggs, Charles E. Killian, Carla D. Savage R2
Minuscule Heaps over Dynkin Diagrams of Type $\tilde{A}$ PDF
Manabu Hagiwara R3
Graphic and Protographic Lists of Integers PDF
Dmitry Fon-Der-Flaass, Douglas B. West R4
Discrepancy of Cartesian Products of Arithmetic Progressions PDF
Benjamin Doerr, Anand Srivastav, Petra Wehr R5
Fans and Bundles in the Graph of Pairwise Sums and Products PDF
Lorenz Halbeisen R6
On Regular Factors in Regular Graphs with Small Radius PDF
Arne Hoffmann, Lutz Volkmann R7
Strings with Maximally Many Distinct Subsequences and Substrings PDF COMMENT
Abraham Flaxman, Aram W. Harrow, Gregory B. Sorkin R8
A Combinatorial Proof of the Sum of $q$-Cubes PDF
Kristina C. Garrett, Kristen Hummel R9
There Exist Binary Circular $5/2^+$ Power Free Words of Every Length PDF
Ali Aberkane, James D. Currie R10
The Plethysm $s_\lambda[s_\mu]$ at Hook and Near-Hook Shapes PDF
T. M. Langley, J. B. Remmel R11
Chromatically Unique Multibridge Graphs PDF
F. M. Dong, K. L. Teo, C. H. C. Little, M. Hendy, K. M. Koh R12
On the Counting of Fully Packed Loop Configurations: Some New Conjectures PDF
J.-B. Zuber R13
On the Entropy and Letter Frequencies of Ternary Square-Free Words PDF
Christoph Richard, Uwe Grimm R14
Lattice Structures from Planar Graphs PDF
Stefan Felsner R15
Cyclic Labellings with Constraints at Two Distances PDF
R. A. Leese, S. D. Noble R16
Improved Bounds on the Length of Maximal Abelian Square-Free Words PDF
Evan M. Bullock R17
Equilateral Triangles in Finite Metric Spaces PDF
Vania Mascioni R18
On Feasible Sets of Mixed Hypergraphs PDF
Daniel Král R19
Goldberg-Coxeter Construction for $3$- and $4$-valent Plane Graphs PDF
Mathieu Dutour, Michel Deza R20
A Card Shuffling Analysis of Deformations of the Plancherel Measure of the Symmetric Group PDF
Jason Fulman R21
On a Combinatorial Problem of Asmus Schmidt PDF
W. Zudilin R22
Class-Uniformly Resolvable Group Divisible Structures I: Resolvable Group Divisible Designs PDF
Peter Danziger, Brett Stevens R23
Class-Uniformly Resolvable Group Divisible Structures II: Frames. PDF
Peter Danziger, Brett Stevens R24
Decomposing Infinite 2-Connected Graphs into 3-Connected Components PDF
R. Bruce Richter R25
Coloring with no $2$-Colored $P_4$'s PDF
Michael O. Albertson, Glenn G. Chappell, H. A. Kierstead, André Kündgen, Radhika Ramamurthi R26
Steiner Triple Systems Intersecting in Pairwise Disjoint Blocks PDF
Yeow Meng Chee R27
Weighted Aztec Diamond Graphs and the Weyl Character Formula PDF
Georgia Benkart, Oliver Eng R28
On the Livingstone-Wagner Theorem PDF
V. B. Mnukhin, I. J. Siemons R29
On the Combinatorial Structure of Arrangements of Oriented Pseudocircles PDF
Johann Linhart, Ronald Ortner R30
A Scaling Result for Explosive Processes PDF
M. Mitzenmacher, R. Oliveira, J. Spencer R31
Enumerative Problems Inspired by Mayer's Theory of Cluster Integrals PDF
Pierre Leroux R32
Dense Packings of Equal Spheres in a Cube PDF
Th. Gensane R33
Airy Phenomena and Analytic Combinatorics of Connected Graphs PDF
Philippe Flajolet, Bruno Salvy, Gilles Schaeffer R34
Constructive Lower Bounds on Classical Multicolor Ramsey Numbers PDF
Xu Xiaodong, Xie Zheng, Geoffrey Exoo, Stanisław P. Radziszowski R35
$q$-Exponential Families PDF
Kent E. Morrison R36
Even Astral Configurations PDF
Leah Wrenn Berman R37
On the Associative Nijenhuis Relation PDF
Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard R38
Permutations Avoiding Arithmetic Patterns PDF
Peter Hegarty R39
Ground State Incongruence in 2D Spin Glasses Revisited PDF
Martin Loebl R40
Satisfiability and Computing van der Waerden Numbers PDF APPENDIX
Michael R. Dransfield, Lengning Liu, Victor W. Marek, Mirosław Truszczyński R41
Degree Powers in Graphs with Forbidden Subgraphs PDF COMMENT
Béla Bollobás, Vladimir Nikiforov R42
Bijections and Congruences for Generalizations of Partition Identities of Euler and Guy PDF
James A. Sellers, Andrew V. Sills, Gary L. Mullen R43
Classification of Six-Point Metrics PDF
Bernd Sturmfels, Josephine Yu R44
Operations on Well-Covered Graphs and the Roller-Coaster Conjecture PDF
Philip Matchett R45
Vertex-Partitioning into Fixed Additive Induced-Hereditary Properties is NP-hard PDF
Alastair Farrugia R46
Sur une Généralisation des Coefficients Binomiaux PDF
Frédéric Jouhet, Bodo Lass, Jiang Zeng R47
A Bijective Proof of Borchardt's Identity PDF
Dan Singer R48
Partition Identities I: Sandwich Theorems and Logical 0–1 Laws PDF
Jason P. Bell, Stanley N. Burris R49
Antichains on Three Levels PDF
Paulette Lieby R50
Multiple Pattern Avoidance with respect to Fixed Points and Excedances PDF
Sergi Elizalde R51
On the Chromatic Number of Intersection Graphs of Convex Sets in the Plane PDF
Seog-Jin Kim, Alexandr Kostochka, Kittikorn Nakprasit R52
The Markov-WZ Method PDF
Mohamud Mohammed, Doron Zeilberger R53
Generalizing Narayana and Schröder Numbers to Higher Dimensions PDF
Robert A. Sulanke R54
Uniform Edge Distribution in Hypergraphs is Hereditary PDF
Dhruv Mubayi, Vojtĕch Rödl R55
A $\lambda$-ring Frobenius Characteristic for $G\wr S_n$ PDF
Anthony Mendes, Jeffrey Remmel, Jennifer Wagner R56
On-line Ramsey Theory PDF COMMENT
J. A. Grytczuk, M. Hałuszczak, H. A. Kierstead R57
A Fast Algorithm for MacMahon's Partition Analysis PDF
Guoce Xin R58
Convergence in Distribution for Subset Counts Between Random Sets PDF
Dudley Stark R59
On the Generation and Enumeration of some Classes of Convex Polyominoes PDF COMMENT
A. Del Lungo, E. Duchi, A. Frosini, S. Rinaldi R60
A Positive Proof of the Littlewood-Richardson Rule using the Octahedron Recurrence PDF
Allen Knutson, Terence Tao, Christopher Woodward R61
Random Cayley Graphs are Expanders: a Simple Proof of the Alon–Roichman Theorem PDF
Zeph Landau, Alexander Russell R62
Distinguishing Numbers for Graphs Groups PDF
Julianna Tymoczko R63
A Bijection Between Classes of Fully Packed Loops and Plane Partitions PDF
P. Di Francesco, P. Zinn-Justin, J.-B. Zuber R64
Flag Vectors of Multiplicial Polytopes PDF
Margaret M. Bayer R65
Short Cycles in Random Regular Graphs PDF
Brendan D. McKay, Nicholas C. Wormald, Beata Wysocka R66
Bottom Schur Functions PDF
Peter Clifford, Richard P. Stanley R67
Conjectured Combinatorial Models for the Hilbert Series of Generalized Diagonal Harmonics Modules PDF
Nicholas A. Loehr, Jeffrey B. Remmel R68
Planar Maps as Labeled Mobiles PDF
J. Bouttier, P. Di Francesco, E. Guitter R69
The Degree of the Splitting Field of a Random Polynomial over a Finite Field PDF
John D. Dixon, Daniel Panario R70
$q$-Analogues of the Sums of Consecutive Integers, Squares, Cubes, Quarts and Quints PDF
Michael Schlosser R71
Secret Sharing Schemes on Sparse Homogeneous Access Structures with Rank Three PDF
Jaume Martí-Farré, Carles Padró R72
The Cube Recurrence PDF
Gabriel D. Carroll, David Speyer R73
The cd-index of Bruhat Intervals PDF COMMENT
Nathan Reading R74
Directed Subgraph Complexes PDF
Axel Hultman R75
Standard Paths in Another Composition Poset PDF
Jan Snellman R76
On the Graphs of Hoffman-Singleton and Higman-Sims PDF
Paul R. Hafner R77
Reconstructing Integer Sets From Their Representation Functions PDF
Vsevolod F. Lev R78
Pólya's Permanent Problem PDF
William McCuaig R79
Packing Densities of Patterns PDF
Reid W. Barton R80
Outerplanar Crossing Numbers, the Circular Arrangement Problem and Isoperimetric Functions PDF
Éva Czabarka, Ondrej Sýkora, László A. Székely, Imrich Vrťo R81
A Uniformly Distributed Statistic on a Class of Lattice Paths PDF
David Callan R82
MacMahon-type Identities for Signed Even Permutations PDF
Dan Bernstein R83
Rook Theory, Generalized Stirling Numbers and $(p,q)$-Analogues PDF
J. B. Remmel, Michelle L. Wachs R84
Bonferroni-Galambos Inequalities for Partition Lattices PDF
Klaus Dohmen, Peter Tittmann R85
Half-Simple Symmetric Venn Diagrams PDF COMMENT
Charles E. Killian, Frank Ruskey, Carla D. Savage, Mark Weston R86
On Some Non-Holonomic Sequences PDF
Stefan Gerhold R87
Enumerative Formulae for Unrooted Planar Maps: a Pattern PDF
Valery A. Liskovets R88


Nonexistence Results for Hadamard-like Matrices PDF
Justin D. Christian, Bryan L. Shader N1
Voltage Graphs, Group Presentations and Cages PDF
Geoffrey Exoo N2
Bounds on the Turán Density of ${\rm PG}(3,2)$ PDF
Sebastian M. Cioabă N3
Dominance Order and Graphical Partitions PDF
Axel Kohnert N4
On the Functions with Values in $[\alpha(G), \overline \chi(G)]$ PDF
V. Dobrynin, M. Pliskin, E. Prosolupov N5
Two New Criteria for Comparison in the Bruhat Order PDF
Brian Drake, Sean Gerrish, Mark Skandera N6
When Can You Tile a Box With Translates of Two Given Rectangular Bricks? PDF
Richard J. Bower, T. S. Michael N7
An Answer to a Question by Wilf on Packing Distinct Patterns in a Permutation PDF
Micah Coleman N8
Tight Estimates for Eigenvalues of Regular Graphs PDF
A. Nilli N9
Colored Prüfer Codes for $k$-Edge Colored Trees PDF
Manwon Cho, Dongsu Kim, Seunghyun Seo, Heesung Shin N10
Propagation of Mean Degrees PDF
Dieter Rautenbach N11
Rectilinear Spanning Trees Versus Bounding Boxes PDF
D. Rautenbach N12
On the $q$-Analogue of the Sum of Cubes PDF
S. Ole Warnaar N13
$n$-Color Partition Theoretic Interpretations of some Mock Theta Functions PDF
A. K. Agarwal N14
A Binomial Coefficient Identity Associated with Beukers' Conjecture on Apéry numbers PDF
Wenchang Chu N15
Filling a Box with Translates of Two Bricks PDF
Mihail N. Kolountzakis N16

ISSN: 1077-8926