Volume 21, Issue 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


The Optimal Drawings of $K_{5,n}$ PDF
César Hernández-Vélez, Carolina Medina, Gelasio Salazar P4.1
Limits of Boolean Functions on $\mathbb{F}_p^n$ PDF
Hamed Hatami, Pooya Hatami, James Hirst P4.2
Permutation Reconstruction from Differences PDF
Marzio De Biasi P4.3
Isometric Embeddings of Half-Cube Graphs in Half-Spin Grassmannians PDF
Mark Pankov P4.4
An Extension of Turán's Theorem, Uniqueness and Stability PDF
Peter Allen, Julia Böttcher, Jan Hladký, Diana Piguet P4.5
Coxeter-Knuth Graphs and a Signed Little Map for Type B Reduced Words PDF
Sara Billey, Zachary Hamaker, Austin Roberts, Benjamin Young P4.6
Enumerating Hamiltonian Cycles PDF
Ville H. Pettersson P4.7
New Infinite Families of Congruences Modulo 8 for Partitions with Even Parts Distinct PDF
Ernest X. W. Xia P4.8
Graph Homomorphisms between Trees PDF
Péter Csikvári, Zhicong Lin P4.9
The Range of a Simple Random Walk on $\mathbb{Z}$: An Elementary Combinatorial Approach PDF
Bernhard A. Moser P4.10
Operators of Equivalent Sorting Power and Related Wilf-equivalences PDF
Michael Albert, Mathilde Bouvel P4.11
$k$-Fold Sidon Sets PDF
Javier Cilleruelo, Craig Timmons P4.12
On Sets with Few Intersection Numbers in Finite Projective and Affine Spaces PDF
Nicola Durante P4.13
Mutations of Fake Weighted Projective Spaces PDF
Tom Coates, Samuel Gonshaw, Alexander Kasprzyk, Navid Nabijou P4.14
The Combinatorial Nullstellensätze Revisited PDF
Pete L. Clark P4.15
Decomposing Labeled Interval Orders as Pairs of Permutations PDF
Anders Claesson, Stuart A. Hannah P4.16
Chromatic Bounds on Orbital Chromatic Roots PDF
Dae Hyun Kim, Alexander H. Mun, Mohamed Omar P4.17
Enumerating Permutations by their Run Structure PDF
Christopher J. Fewster, Daniel Siemssen P4.18
Subset Glauber Dynamics on Graphs, Hypergraphs and Matroids of Bounded Tree-Width PDF
Magnus Bordewich, Ross J. Kang P4.19

ISSN: 1077-8926