Aims and Scope

Dolomites Research Notes on Approximation is an open access journal that publishes peer-reviewed papers, lecture notes and slides of the tutorials presented at the annual Dolomites Research Weeks and Workshops, which have been organized regularly since 2006 by the Padova-Verona Research Group on Constructive Approximation and Applications (CAA) at the summer courses site of the University of Verona in Alba di Canazei (Trento, Italy). The journal also publishes, on invitation, survey papers and summaries of Ph.D. theses on approximation theory, algorithms, and applications.

Journal Info


Dolomites Research Week on Approximation (DRWA15)
Alba di Canazei (Italy), September 5-8, 2015


Volume 8, 2015 will contain the special issue on the "Ten years of the Padua Points: the state of the art in multivariate polynomial interpolation and approximation".The deadline for submission is July 31st, 2015.