LaTeX Style

Before you read on please ensure that the manuscript fits well into DMTCS and have a look at our policy.

DMTCS is an electronic journal run by volunteers. This implies that we are not able to typeset accepted articles for publication: authors have to provide with the LaTeX-sources of their paper, we will not accept publications in other formats.

LaTeX has become a de facto standard for publication in our community. We provide you with our own LaTeX Style and strongly encourage authors to use this style already for their submissions.

We have a sample document (accompanied by a small BibTeX-file and sample graphics in eps and pdf format) that is worth looking at. It contains

The file contains hints for these cases of failure to process it. What it produdes is available in different file formats: html, dvi (21K), pdf (24K), ps (38K), and ps.gz (16K).

Here you find also the proceedings kit that is to be used if you are an editor that should publish a DMTCS Proceedings volume.

Some LaTeX2e installations have problems with our file. First you have to ensure, that you really have the lastest version from this server. Then be sure to use LaTeX2e and not old fashioned LaTeX. If the command latex does not work, latex2e might be the right choice.

Then some older installations give you the following error when they scan the file latexsym.sty:

   ! LaTeX Error: Math version `bold' is not defined.

   See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
   Type  H <return>  for immediate help.
   l.85   \SetSymbolFont{lasy}{bold}{U}{lasy}{b}{n}

This error seems to be caused by some incompatibilities between different LaTeX packages. You may safely ignore this.

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