Our web style

We try to keep the web pages as simple as possible, to allow people with different equippement, low bandwidth, or just different taste easy access to the information that our site provides. Therefore we try to use only standard conformant html. If you like to know what that means you could on the XHTML 1.0 button below. It will lead you to the pages of the W3C consortium.

Also note that we are starting to use utf-8 character encoding on some pages. This will be used to show names of authors in the correct writing and to typeset some mathematical expressions. Not all browsers do yet support that feature to a full extend, but newer ones start to do. Please have a look at: ∀ ℵ … ⇒ ≢ ℘☺ . If in this expression shows (red on grey) some math-characters or some transcription into latin characters, your browser company and your sysadmins all together are fighting with the good.

If you have real difficulties to access one of our pages, please tell us immediately. We will only be able to help you if we know about the problem and get a precise description.

If your browser starts having problems on these simple pages, you should consider to up or down grade to another version or browser. E.g the text oriented browser lynx does a fairely good job, here.

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