The Association

Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DMTCS) is a non-profit organization governed by the French law of 1901. It is only concerned with the management and distribution of DMTCS.
DMTCS is offered the web services for the primary web server by the LORIA and INRIA and the mirror sites by EMIS. We are very grateful for this sponsoring and like to encourage other public institutions to help us and similar projects in the scientific community.
At the moment, DMTCS is a money free zone. This has the advantage of making administration easier but at some point soon it might be useful to have some money for paying someone doing the final layout and such things. One idea to have some inflow of money would be by selling a printed version of the journal. But we clearly lack competence and interest of doing this ourselves. Please, don't hesitate to contact us if you have ideas about that.
All work for the journal is done by volunteers. This concerns several different types of work and really a lot of people after all:
The journal DMTCS was founded 1997 by an initiative of some friends and colleagues guided by the first editor in chief of the journal, Daniel Krob. After an initial tentative with a commercial editing house DMTCS was run by the MIMD. MIMD passed the journal over to the association DMTCS on April 14, 2002.
The association is managed by people from the editorial board. Its president is the current editor in chief, Jens Gustedt. Daniel Krob is the secretary and Anca Muscholl the treasurer.
62, rue du Cardinal Mathieu
F-54000 Nancy

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