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Vol. CXXXVII, No. 33, pp. 43–58 ()

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On Ricci h-pseudosymmetric h-hypersurfaces of some anti-K\"{a}hler manifolds

R. Deszcz and Mileva Prvanovic

Department of Mathematics, Wroclaw University of Environmental, and Life Sciences, Grundwaldzka 53, 50-357 Wroclaw, Poland
Mathematical Institute, SANU, Kneza Mihaila 35, 11001 Belgrade, Serbia

Abstract: We adopt the notion of the pseudosymmetry and Ricci pseudosymmetry to the case of the anti-K\"{a}hler manifolds and then we extend the results of the paper [1] to the h-hypersurfaces of the anti-K\"{a}hler manifolds of the constant totally real sectional curvatures.

Keywords: anti-K\"{a}hler manifold, h-hypersurface, h-pseudosymmetry, Ricci h-pseudosymmetry

Classification (MSC2000): 53C56

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