Banach J. Math. Anal.

Volume 7, Number 2, 2013




Matrix transformations and sequence spaces equations

B. de Malafosse; V. Rakočević



pp. 1-14

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Refinements and reverses of means inequalities for Hilbert space operators

O. Hirzallah; F. Kittaneh; M. Krnić; N. Lovričević; J. Pečarić



pp. 15-29

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Weyl type theorem and spectrum for (p,k)-quasiposinormal operators

D.Senthilkumar; P. Maheswari Naik; D. Kiruthika



pp. 30-41

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Pseudo asymptotic solutions of fractional order semilinear equations

E. Alvarez-Pardo; C. Lizama



pp. 42-52

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Weak Ergodicity of nonhomogeneous Markov chains

M. Mukhamedov



pp. 53-73

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Special operator classes and their properties

M.T. Karaev; M. Gürdal; U. Yamancı



pp. 74-85

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On the boundedness and compactness of a certain integral operator

S.M. Farsani



pp. 86-102

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Noncommutative spectral synthesis for the involutive Banach algebra associated with a topological dynamical system

M. de Jeu; J. Tomiyama



pp. 103-135

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Algebraically paranormal operators on Banach spaces

P. Aiena



pp. 136-145

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(Xd, Xd*)-Bessel multipliers in Banach spaces

M.H. Faroughi; E. Osgooei; A. Rahimi



pp. 146-161

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Matrix inequalities related to the Holder inequality
H. Albadawi



pp. 162-171

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Frames and Riesz bases for Banach spaces and Banach spaces of vector-valued sequences
J.M. Kim; H.J. Lee; K. Cho



pp. 172-193

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On selfadjoint dilation of the dissipative extension of a direct sum
differential operator

E. Ugurlu; B.P. Allahverdiev



pp. 194-207

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Solvability and the general solution to a system of real quaternion matrix equations with triple variables

X. Zhang; Q.-W. Wang



pp. 208-224

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On high dimensional maximal operators

J.M. Aldaz; J. Perez Lazaro



pp. 225-243

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