Banach J. Math. Anal.

Volume 7, Number 1, 2013




Noncommutative integration

M. Takesaki



pp. 1-13

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A comprehensive survey on an order preserving operator inequality

T. Furuta



pp. 14-40

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On  left and right decomposably regular operators

Q. Zeng; H. Zhong; S. Zhang



pp. 41-58

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Weighted composition operators between vector-valued Lipschitz function spaces

K. Esmaeili; H. Mahyar



pp. 59-72

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Geometry of the left action of the p-Schatten groups

M.E. Di Iorio Lucero



pp. 73-87

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The sequence space Enq( M, p, s) and Nk-lacunary statistical convergence

N.L. Braha; M. Et



pp. 88-96

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McIntosh formula for the gap between regular operators

G. Ramesh



pp. 97-106


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Weyl's theorem for algebraically quasi-*-A operators

F. Zuo; H.L. Zuo



pp. 107-115


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The best lower bound for Jensen's inequality with three fixed ordered variables

V. Cirtoaje



pp. 116-131


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A combinatorial approach to Musielak-Orlicz spaces

J. Prochno



pp. 132-141


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Sharp maximal function inequalities and boundedness for Toeplitz type operator related to general fractional integral operators

L. Liu



pp. 142-159


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Hilbert-Schmidt differences of composition operators between the weighted Bergman spaces on the unit ball

L. Zhang; Z.-H. Zhou



pp. 160-172


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A Fubini theorem on function spaces and its applications

H.S. Chung; J.G. Choi; S.J. Chang



pp. 173-185


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Asymptotic intertwining by the identity operator and permanence of spectral properties

 B.P. Duggal



pp. 186-195


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On linear functional equations and completeness of normed spaces

A. Fošner; R. Ger; A. Gilányi; M.S. Moslehian



pp. 196-200


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