Aims and Scope


The Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis (BJMA) is an international and peer-reviewed electronic journal mainly presenting papers on


Abstract Harmonic Analysis (MSC43), Functional Analysis (MSC 46) and Operator Theory (MSC 47).


The journal focuses on (but is not limited to) approximation theory, amenability, automatic continuity, Banach algebras, Banach modules, Banach spaces, classical mathematical analysis, convex functions, Fourier analysis, function spaces, functional calculi, Hardy spaces, abstract harmonic analysis, Hilbert spaces, homology of Banach algebras, linear operators, mathematical physics, matrix analysis, non-commutative geometry, norm inequalities, normed aspects of functional equations, numerical range, operator algebras, operator inequalities, operator spaces, geometry of Banach spaces; representation theory, spectral theory, topological algebras.


The journal is composed of original research and survey articles.