Balkan Journal of Geometry 
and Its Applications 

ISSN 1224-2780
Volume 2 (1997), No. 2
Electronic Edition
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  1. Novica Blazic, Neda Bokan, Peter Gilkey, Zoran Rakic,
    Pseudo-Riemannian Ossermann Manifolds

    pages: 1-12, AMS Subject Classification: 53B50, 53C50,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  2. Ioan Bucataru,
    Characterizations of Non-linear connections in Higher Order Geometry

    pages: 13-22, AMS Subject Classification: 53C60,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  3. J.Cnops,
    Connections on Embedded Manifolds

    pages: 23-34, AMS Subject Classification: 53C07, 53C40,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  4. Dana Craciun, Dumitru Opris,
    Discrete-Continuous Dynamical Systems with Symmetry

    pages: 35-49, AMS Subject Classification: 70H35, 70D10, 70F25,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  5. Valentin Gartu, Monica Gartu,
    Spherically Symmetric Generalized Lagrange Metrics

    pages: 51-62, AMS Subject Classification: 53C60, 83C20,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  6. Fumio Ikeda,
    Criteria for Conformal Flatness of Finsler Spaces

    pages: 63-68, AMS Subject Classification: 53C60
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  7. Gheorghe Ivan,
    Cech-de Rham Cohomology of a Refinement of a Principal Bundle

    pages: 69-78, AMS Subject Classification: 55R45,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  8. Hyang Sook Kim, Gil Sang Lee, Yong Soo Pyo,
    Geodesics and Circles on Real Hypersurfaces of Type A and B in a Complex Space Form

    pages: 79-89, AMS Subject Classification: 53C40,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  9. George Margulescu,
    Some Representations of Affine Conformal Transformations of Minkowski Space

    pages: 91-97, AMS Subject Classification: 22E43, 53A30, 22E70, 53B40, 53A50,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  10. Gheorghe Murarescu, Petre Stavre,
    Sur les connexions Finsler-projectives (III)

    pages: 99-103, AMS Subject Classification: 53C60,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  11. Marcela Popescu, Paul Popescu,
    Geometrical Objects on Subbundles

    pages: 105-111, AMS Subject Classification: 57R22, 53C99,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  12. Monica Purcaru,
    Metric Semi-Symmetric N-Linear Connections in the Bundle of Accelerations

    pages: 113-118, AMS Subject Classification: 53C05,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  13. P.C.Stavrinos, P.Manouselis,
    Tensor and Spinor Equivalence on Generalized Metric Tangent Bundles

    pages: 119-130, AMS Subject Classification: 53C60, 53B50, 81R25,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  14. Lajos Tamassy,
    Metrizability of Affine Connections

    pages: 131-138, AMS Subject Classification: 53B15, 53B40, 53C07, 53C60,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  15. Constantin Udriste, Iulia Hirica,
    Family of Projective Projections on Tensors and Connections

    pages: 139-156, AMS Subject Classification: 15A72, 53A55, 53B10,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file
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