Balkan Journal of Geometry 
and Its Applications 

Volume 10 (2005), No. 2
ISSN 1224-2780
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      * Lifetime Achievement: Constantin Udriste's Work at His 65-th Anniversary

  1. Ion Bacalu, Some properties of strongly S-decomposable operators,
    pages: 1-6, AMS Subject Classification: 47B47, 47B40.
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  2. Constantin Bota
    A convergence criterion for monotone global dynamical systems,

    pages: 7-10, AMS Subject Classification: 37B99, 54H20.
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  3. Beniamino Cappelletti Montano
    Legendrian foliations on almost S-manifolds,

    pages: 11-32, AMS Subject Classification: 53C12, 53C15, 57R30.
    ZIPped PS file ZIPped PDF file

  4. Carlo Cattani and Armando Ciancio
    Wavelet clustering in time series analysis,
    pages: 33-44, AMS Subject Classification: 35A35, 42C40, 41A15, 47A58; 65T60, 65D07.
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  5. Petr Chladek, Lubomir Klapka and Constantin Udriste
    Cauchy atlas on the manifold of all maximal solutions of an ODE system,
    pages: 45-50, AMS Subject Classification: 34A12, 34C30, 57R55.
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  6. Gratiela Cicortas
    Perturbation theorems on Morse theory for continuous functions,

    pages: 51-57, AMS Subject Classification: 58E05, 58E40.
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  7. Martha Dussan and Maria Helena Noronha
    Compact manifolds of nonnegative isotropic curvature and pure curvature tensor,

    pages: 58-66, AMS Subject Classification: 53C21, 53C42.
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  8. Gheorghe Munteanu and Bianca Iordachiescu
    Gauge complex field theory,

    pages: 67-75, AMS Subject Classification: 53B40, 53C60.
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  9. Mircea Neagu, Constantin Udriste and Alexandru Oana
    Multi-time sprays and h-traceless maps on J^1(T,M),

    pages: 76-92, AMS Subject Classification: 53C07, 53C43, 53C99.
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  10. Yong-Soo Pyo and Kyoung-Hwa Shin
    On the Chern-type problem in Kahler geometry,

    pages: 93-105, AMS Subject Classification: 53C50, 53C55.
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  11. Wayne Rossman
    Infinite periodic discrete minimal surfaces without self-intersections,

    pages: 106-128, AMS Subject Classification: 53A10; 49Q05, 52C99, 68R99.
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  12. Celestin Wafo-Soh and Constantin Udriste
    Symmetries of second order potential differential systems,

    pages: 129-141, AMS Subject Classification: 76M60, 70G65, 37J15, 58D19, 58J70.
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  13. Pawel Zylinski
    Cooperative guards in art galleries with one hole,

    pages: 142-153, AMS Subject Classification: 52C99, 05C90.
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