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Vol. 44, No. 1, pp. 155-163 (2003)

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On Mappings Preserving a Family of Star Bodies

Grzegorz Sójka

Wydzia{\l} Matematyki i nauk Informacyjnych, Politechnika Warszawska, Plac Politechniki 1, 00-668 Warszawa, Polska; e-mail:

Abstract: The paper concerns the star mappings understood as topological embedding of $\mathbb{R}^{n}$ into itself preserving the class of bodies which are star shaped at point $0$. The main result is full characterization of star mappings (Theorem 2.8). At the end we give a solution of some related problem.

Keywords: star set, star body, star mapping

Classification (MSC2000): 52A30, 54C99, 54C05

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