Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie
Contributions to Algebra and Geometry
38(2), 357-375 (1997)

On some flag-transitive non-classical c.C_2-geometries II

S. Yoshiara

Division of Mathematical Sciences
Osaka Kyoiku University
Kashiwara, Osaka 582 JAPAN

Abstract: The flag-transitive automorphism groups of the Tits generalized quadrangle $T^{\ast}_{2}(O_{4})$ are classified up to conjugacy in $Aut(T^{\ast}_{2}(O_{4}))$. Basing on the classification, it is shown that there is no flag-transitive circular extension of $T^{\ast}_{2}(O_{4})$ or of its dual other than those constructed in Yoshiara, S.: {\it On some flag-transitive non-classical $c.C_{2}$-geometries;} European J. Combin. {\bf 14} (1993), 59--77. This result completes the classification of flag-transitive extensions of $T^{\ast}_{2}(O_{4})$ and its dual.

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