Acta/8/2010 - SUMMARY

Aldea Mihaela, Căbulea Lucia – The best financial administration of product’s stocks or of the cash money stocks in probabilistic conditions         

Andrica Dorin, Aldea Mihaela Perfect Morse functions and some applications        

Andrica Dorin, Piticari Mihai – An extension of the Riemann-Lebesgue lemma and some applications  

Breaz Daniel – Integral operators on the -class      

Breaz NicoletaNumerical experiments with least squares spline estimators in a parametric regression model     

Căbulea Lucia, Aldea Mihaela – A few evaluation criteria of optimum financing with random costs and benefits       

Casavela Valentin – Data Base application in Visual FoxPro   

Ciortea Mihaela Aspects regarding the types of process control systems      

Cosma Ovidiu – Image dithering based on the Wavelet transform       

Crainic Nicolae – On a theorem which limits the number of  mixed interpolated derivatives for some plane regular uniform rectangular Birkhoff interpolation schemes 

Darabant Adrian, Câmpan Alina, Moldovan Grigor, Greblă Horea –AI clustering techniques: a new approach in horizontal fragmentation of classes with complex attributes and methods in object oriented databases    

Edelhauser Eduard – Client server versus distributed network applications in human resource management           

Edelhauser Eduard Computer aided formation and selection for the industry formers          

Gâta Marieta – Speech recognition application using VoiceXML        

Georgescu Adelina – Dynamic bifurcation diagram for some models in economics and biology 

Greblă Horea, Moldovan Grigor, Darabant Adrian, Câmpan AlinaData allocation in distributed database systems performed by mobile intelligent agents           

Hatzidimos John – Automatic traffic sign recognition in digital images  

Hatzigaidas Athanasios, Papastergiou Anastasia, Tryfon George, Maritsa Despoina Topic map existing tools: a brief review

Hatzigaidas Athanasios, Papastergiou Anastasia, Tryfon George, Zaharias Zaharis TM_BDU: A proposed framework for using topic maps to manage information in Blood Donation Units  

Huţanu Constantin, Ileană Ioan, Achim Moise E-Learning: The first phase for development of distance education in “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia

Ileană Ioan, Rotar Corina, Incze ArpadThe optimization of feed forward neural networks structure using genetic algorithms      

Ion Anca-Veronica – On the Beautin bifurcation for systems of the delay differential equations      

Jaradat  Mihaela, Urs Florin, Funar Sabina The dimensioning of the fruit-growing patrimony in Romania     

Kadar Manuella – Data connection and manipulation of  archaeological database created in Visual Environment

Kavakli Evangelia, Bakogianni Sophia, Damianakis Adam, Loumou Maria, Tsatsos Dimitris Traditional dance and e-learning: the WebDANCE learning environments  

Kecs W. Wilhelm Applications of the Dirac sequences in mechanics

Marcu Marius, Uţu Ilie, Pană Leon, Maria Orban – Computer simulation of real time identification for induction motor drives

Margaris I. Athanasios, Kotsialos Efthimios – Parallel counter-propagation networks 

Mitran Cătălin – On some application of the finite element method in the calculus of the geometrical bodies          

Olteanu Emil – The calculus of a new musical scale frequencies           

Olteanu Emil – An original method of proving the formula of atrigonometric function of a sum of angles        

Olteanu Emil, Joldeş Remus, Rotar CorinaNew aspects about using neural networks in integrated numerical circuits and systems    

Orban Maria, Stochitoiu Anghel, Sandru Marcian – Obtaining the minimum electrical energy consumption condition for Bucket Wheel Excavator open pits   

Papadakis S.E., Tzionas P., Kaburlasos V.G., Theocharis J.B. A genetic based approach to the type I structure identification problem  

Pehlivanis Konstantinos, Papagianni Maria, Styliadis AthanasiosVirtual reality & logistics    

Pop C. Petrică, Zelina Ioana – Heuristic algorithms for the generalized minimum spanning tree problem          

Popa Ioan, Ştefănescu Florian – Numerical modelling of the isolated current leads for cryogenic applications           

Popescu Constantin, Oros Horea A fair off-line electronic cash system with anonymity  revoking trustee         

Stefanakis Emmanuel – Scheduling trajectories on a planar surface with moving obstacles.

Taşcu Ioana, Horvat-Marc Andrei – Construction of cubature formulas by using linear positive operators         

Wainberg Dorin On some properties of the symplectic and Hamiltonian matrices   

Zaharescu Eugen – Analysis of morphology-like operators used in color image contrast enhancement   

Zoller Carol, Fotău Ion, Rîşteiu Mircea, Pană Leon Using VEE PRO6 software to control the quality of energy in to the electrical power networks