Acta/6/2003 - SUMMARY

Ion Mihoc, Cristina I. Fătu - On the bilateral truncated exponential distributions       

Maria Mihoc - Nomografic representations of some canonical forms           

Mădălina Roxana Buneci - Topologies on the graph of the equivalence relation associated to a groupoid          

Ilie Mitran - On the maximum probability criteria concerning the sequencial decision - making problem           

Daniel Lesnic - Characterizations of the functions with bounded variation           

Ruslan V Pechenkin - Signal identification using a modify Structured Nonlinear Total Least Norm algorithm          

Lucia A. Căbulea, Mihaela Aldea - On some properties of Kantorovich bivariate operators     

Nicoleta Breaz - On the least squares fitting in a linear  model           

Breaz Nicoleta - On the smoothing parameter in case of data from multiple sources

Mitran Cătălin - On some aspects regarding the generalization of the optimal formulas of Sard type using the boolean-sum type operators           

Voichita Cleciu - On some classes of bernstein type operators which preserve the global smoothness in the case of univariate functions           

Nicolae Crainic - Generalized Birkhoff interpolation schemes: conditions for almost regularity           

Ioan Dziţac, Simona Dziţac, Horea Oros - Some parallel procedures for computing the eigenvalues of a real symmetric matrix  

Traian Marius Truta, Farshad Fotouhi, Daniel Barth-Jones - Automatic  generation of masked microdata           

Wainberg Dorin - Tangent vectors to a differentiable manifold in one of its points           

Athanassios Styliadis – Digital documentation of monuments & sites: a CAD-based spatio-temporal analysis           

Athanasios Hatzigaidas, Anastasia Papastergiou, George Tryfon, Despoina Maritsa, Petros Galanidis - Adaptive student test evaluation incorporating probabilities            

Nikos C. Zestas, Ioannis G. Paraschakis, Athanasios D. Styliadis -Incorporated dynamic symbols in drawing (CAD) & spatial (GIS) systems           

Athanasios Hatzigaidas, Anastasia Papastergiou, George Tryfon, Despoina Maritsa - A 3-tier dynamic adaptive educational environment           

Dan Dumitrescu, Károly Simon - Evolutionary prototype selection           

Ali Mostakhdemin-Hosseini, Jari Mustajärvi - Framework for mobile learning system based on education component           

Lucian Marina, Florea Voiculescu - Data management and pattern-making for a institutional strategic plan           

D.N.  Kleftouris, N. Maragos, C. Ziogou, Ch. Mouchos - An agent based approach to modeling the secure electronic transaction protocol           

Basil G. Mertzios - Forms of the Cayley-Hamilton theorem for generalized systems           

Crina Groşan, Mihai Oltean, D. Dumitrescu - A new evolutionary algorithm for the multiobjective 0/1 knapsack problem           

Valentin  Casavela - Diagrame for a software PID           

Corina Rotar - Bipolar convergence in genetic algorithm for multimodal optimization           

Monica Chiş - Evolutionary algorithms for SQL queries           

Rodica Ioana Lung, Dan Dumitrescu - A new evolutionary optimization technique           

Corina Rotar - A new evolutionary algorithm for multiobjective optimization based on endocrine paradigm           

Emil Olteanu, Dan Racoviţan - The importance of aiding in international commercial correspondence drawing up           

Remus Joldeş, Ioan Ileană, Emil Olteanu - About the used of neural networks in integrated numerical circuits and systems